Human Top (I)

First Appearance: Red Raven Comics #1 (August 1940).
Golden Age Appearances: Red Raven Comics #1, Tough Kid Squad #1.
Modern Appearances: None.
Years Active: 1940-?

Bruce Bravelle, a man of no particular background, is the test subject for a certain professor, who is "seeking a formula to nourish the human body by electrical currents instead of food." During one of the tests "a bolt of lightning pierces the castle" where the experiments are taking place. In the words of the professor, "strange--the current I injected flows to the right of your body and the current injected by the lightning flows to the left! Opposing magnetic forces. Hmmmm...." This gives Bruce the ability to "spin around like a top" when he crosses his wrists." The professor (whose name is Davis in his first appearance and Raymore in his second) names Bruce "The Top" (not "the Human Top," which is the name of the strip) and tells him "you shall fight the forces of crime and be the savior of the oppressed and innocent." Bruce relies upon Professor Davis/Raymore, to provide him with "jobs"--that is, opportunities to do good and fight crime, since apparently Bruce can't be arsed to go out and find crime on his own.

The Top's costume is green with red boots, red shoulders, red around his neck and collarbone, and a red top on his chest and back (although in some of the panels the "top" more resembles a big carrot). The Top can spin at superspeeds, fly, drill his way through walls, deflect bullets, and in general do all the things that other fast-spinning characters, like the Flash and the Whirlwind, can do. In the Top's first appearance he can also conduct the electricity of his body through conductors, thus obviating the need for crossing his wrists. (He does this once when he's tied up.)

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