Captain Wonder & Tim

First Appearance: Kid Komics #1 (February 1943)
Golden Age Appearances: Kid Komics #1-2.
Modern Appearances: None.
Years Active: 1943-?

Professor Jordan is a chemistry teacher at a New York City high school. After school one day he is showing off one of his experiments to Tim Mulrooney, his prize student, who unfortunately bounced a rubber band off the back of Jordan's head and so merited afterschool detention. Jordan has discovered what he calls calls the "wonder fluid," which has "more POWER than a dozen men." Unfortunately, Jordan, who is a bit clumsy, drops the vial. It breaks and floods the room with strange fumes. Both Jordan and Tim inhale vast quantities of the fumes. Jordan passes out, but Tim, thinking quickly, opens a window and the fumes escape.

Once the pair recover they discover that they've gained the strength of a dozen men. Naturally they decide to fight crime and the Axis with their new powers. They put on costumes, Jordan calling himself "Captain Wonder" and Tim calling himself "Tim."

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