Computer Projects

A few things that I have worked on for various platforms. I have worked on some other projects, but can't put them here since they belong to the computer business I work for.



Apple II Emulation

AII Amiga program

AII source


Atari 8-bit Home Computer Emulation

A.C.E. Amiga program

A.C.E. source

W.A.C.K.E. MacOS Classic program


486 AT Personal Computer Emulation

PCx MacOS Classic program


DOOM Conversion

ADoomPPC - v1.4 readme

ADoomPPC - v1.4 Amiga program

ADoomPPC - v1.3 source



PSXPort - A cable that allows the use of a PSX controller with the Amiga Home Computer. With a PSX Multi-tap, up to four controllers and memory cards can be accessed. You can buy one from many Amiga dealers.

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