by Joseph Anderson

Xena belongs to Renaissance Pictures and MCA/Universal. No copyright infringemet is intended with this fan fiction which may not be sold. Angela and the Bitch of Tartarus belong to the author.

This refers to characters in my Kimberly/Jilly storyline. Graphic violence and bad language.

The night was black except for the light from the fire. The Bitch was patiently peeling the skin off of a child's face. The rest of the small body was hanging over a fire, next to six others. At a sound she dropped it and stood. Then she spat contemptuously, "Who are you?"

A long tall body confidently strode into her camp, red hair catching the firelight. "Guess I should be scared shouldn't I?" the figure said easily. "I'm Angela. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. You're my birthday present from Ares."

The Bitch was surprised. That wasn't the reaction she was used to getting from people. She studied the warrior. Her flat black fighting leathers seemed to absorb light but her green eyes were glittering. She had a sardonic smile.

"I've heard a lot about you. The big bad Bitch of Tarturus! Craziest loon to ever boil a village in oil. No one else even close. All of history changed just to take you out. You raised the bar for maniacs everywhere." The voice dripped sarcasm and contempt.

Xena found herself salivating and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She liked that red hair. And fair freckled skin like that was rare in Greece. After she fucked her dead body, Xena wanted to make her into a cloak. She'd try to keep from marring the hide when she took it. She drew her sword and leapt at the tall young warrior, then found herself doubled over on the ground. The freckled woman was looking down at her holding her own sword at her throat.

Angela shook her head disapprovingly. "Foul. You tried to foul me, Xena. I get a free throw now." The sword flicked and the Bitch grabbed her cheek. The tall young warrior yawned exaggeratedly and turned her back and began walking away, but ducked and caught the Bitch as she was about to land on her. She used Xena's own momentum and sent her careening into a tree. The big dark woman was growling like an animal but carefully watching the tall warrior. To her amazement she tossed her sword to her. "Here you worthless old scag. Try again. I can't believe you're no better than that." The Bitch was baring her teeth and her blue eyes had an emptiness that didn't seem remotely human. She feinted and suddenly had her chakram in her hand and threw it. She ducked as it came right back at her, rebounding off her opponent's sword. Xena caught it deftly then leapt at the warrior striking down with the sword in one hand and the chakram in the other. She wasn't trying to get the hide anymore. The redhead skipped out of her way and kicked her between the legs so hard with her brass tipped boot Xena was lifted into the air before dropping in a moaning heap.

"This is boring. I shoulda asked for season tickets to the Bulls. Think I'll mention you to Jilly though. She might want a piece of you because of Kimberly and Callisto. You won't get off so easy with her. She likes to give people what they have coming to 'em, even if there isn't any challenge." Angela looked at the bodies of the children, and the partially skinned head on the ground. "Oh yeah...Jilly's gonna wanna meet YOU."

She reached down and removed one of the carved bone decorations from the Bitch's leathers. Angela had heard they were made from baby bones. Xena was still only semiconscious but was mumbling something about having somebody dismembered.

"Come to think of it, scag, Kush would probably like to have a few words with you himself. He takes it personally when a Lord Military debases the caste as he sees it. Angela winked at the twitching form on the ground. "Maybe he'll even give you a surprise. Hope you're not phobic about lizards, Xena."

The tall redhead continued, "You know, cunt, a lot people think I'm cruel myself but you really take the prize. I've gotta give you that."

Angela tossed the bone aside frowning. She was genuinely creeped out by this fucking psycho. It was a new experience for her. She didn't want to torture her; she just wanted away from her so she could take a bath. Jilly had more of a handle on this kind of thing, though neither she nor Callisto were ever anywhere near this from what Angela understood. And as for herself she was just a tough cop who liked to beat up prisoners basically. Officer Gilroy, Angela thought ironically. Her uncles and cousins on the force back in Chicago and Boston would be proud. Killing and torture did turn Angela on; she'd never pretended otherwise. But she only killed enemies of the state and in the larger scheme of things was protecting people. Seeing this sick piece of shit close up made her think maybe she should reevaluate things.

Xena had been feigning how hurt she was as she listened to the woman. When she'd heard enough she began to get up. Angela was waiting until the angle was just right then kicked the Bitch in the head so she landed flat on her back. "Field goal!" the redhead exclaimed, then sauntered away.

The End