By Joseph Anderson

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Xena and Gabrielle were sitting around the campfire as Amaryce came up with a rabbit, and Joxer approached with some more wood.

"Hey, Xena, about the unknown father of your love child...." he started to say.

"Leave it alone, Joxer," Xena growled.

Joxer continued, "No, I was thinking, it must have been just before you went after Caeser."

"I said leave it alone...yeah, so what?" Xena said.

Amaryce and Gabrielle both rolled their eyes as they started preparing the rabbit.

Joxer said, "Well, maybe we can figure out who the father is if you try to remember everything you did. That was about when you were at Lensia, remember. Gabby was off visting her family."

Xena said, "Yeah, that's right. But how do you know that? You weren't there."

Joxer said, "Sure, I was."

Xena said, "Joxer, if you were at Lensia with me I think I'd remember."

"Well, I was only there one night and when I got there you were half in the bag, now that I think of it. It's kinda fuzzy for me too. I mean I started drinking with you, trying to catch up, cuz you said there was no way I could keep up with you."

Xena furrowed her brows, "Oh, yeah...I do sorta remember that. I was really giving you a hard time. You showed me though...I didn't think you had it in you."

Joxer smiled. "Yeah. Boy, were we acting stupid. You were doing knife tricks, I think, and I sang my song for the bar...and you even joined in!"

Xena laughed, not noticing the horrified expression on Gabrielle's face. "You're right, Joxer. We were acting pretty stupid."

Caught up in it, Joxer continued, "Yeah, lemme think...we even danced together. Then you said, 'Joxer, if you can drink and sing and dance so good...'" His voice trailed off. Xena's smile froze on her face. She gulped and looked at Amaryce and Gabrielle who were both pale.

Joxer said awkwardly, "Yeah...well...that was funny all right. Then we called it a night and I rode off the next morning. You musta met the father soon after that. Yep."

Xena said hollowly. "Yeah...that musta been it."

Gabrielle said in choked voice, "Boy, that's a great story."

"Uh huh...thanks Gabby..." Joxer said.

Amaryce said, "Hey, am I the only one here who...."

Gabrielle said, "I think I hear the horses, Amaryce. Why don't you check on 'em?"

"Huh? I didn't hear anything..." the teenager protested then said "Oh...the horses...yeah, sure." She hurried away.

Gabrielle watched her leave then turned to look at Joxer and Xena.

Joxer said, "Gabby, you know that YOU'RE the one I love! Don't be jealous, okay?"

A second later Joxer was on the ground and the little blonde was stradding him with her hands around his throat.

"Ggggaarrrrkkk...." Joxer gurgled as he fruitlessly waved his arms and legs. Xena dragged the gentle little bard off of him, though required a stick to pry stubby little fingers from around Joxer the Mighty's neck.

"Go help Amaryce with the horses! Gabrielle!" the Warrior Princess ordered. Then added, "Please."

The blonde pulled herself free from her friend. "Okay, Xena. two need to talk." She glared at Joxer and made a growling sound. He winced. Then she stalked out of camp.

Joxer quietly said, "Oh boy, Xena."

Staring at her hands, Xena sat down beside him. "Oh boy, Joxer."