by Joseph Anderson

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This story includes bad language.

Xena looked at Gabrielle, tears in her eyes. She couldn't save her. After all these times and now she was failing. They simultaneously reached their hands across to each other and held hands waiting. The glowing eyes and the giant jaws were almost on them. Gabrielle saw it as a wolf's maw; to Xena it was a crocodile's snapping jaws. They had gotten the villagers out; at least they had that.

"What The Fuck Is Going On Here!?" the deep voice reverberated, making the ground shake.

"Calm down, brother."

"Fuck That! Who do you shitheads think you are!?"

"Brother, maybe they have a valid complaint."

"Athena, shut the fuck up! I'm gonna kick these bugs' asses! If you want you to help, fine. If not go inspire some faggot poets!"

"They don't like to be called that. I've told you before."

"Blow it out your ass, Athena. And I better not find any owl droppings in my chariot!"

"Ares, I really think...Oh REALLY!! You don't say!!! We should tend our own vineyard!!!"

"Bet that hurt! Way to go, Theny! FUCK! That's one of my favorites! I'm gonna pull your head through whatever you use as an asshole!"

"Brother, they are sentient beings. We simply have to ...SHIT! YOU FUCKING..."

"Oh ho. That wasn't very diplomatic of you, Athena! Not so tough when you're not fighting mortals, are you, shithead?"

"Ares, call Hephaestus while I get Apollo. These cocksuckers are asking for it!"

"Oh, now you agree with me!"

"Shut up and... OH SHIT!! THEY CAN HEAR US!"

The warrior princess and the bard held hands lightly. Weakly they crawled toward each other, slowly, so slowly. Finally they were together and the small woman was cradled in the arms of the larger woman.. They looked up at the night sky. The bard and the weakened bloody warrior watched the shooting stars.

The End