by Joseph Anderson

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This story includes rough language, some sexual activity, and graphic violence.

Smiling Wild Eyes looked contemptuously at the others. Many of them wore the same expression. That angered her. One in shiny boots and a black uniform seemed to be actually sneering at her. Without preamble Smiling Wild Eyes lashed out with a foot and the especially insulting one fell back. She was soon up though and had struck the Indian, surprising her with her speed.

"Subhuman savage!" Karla Graffen spat at Smiling Wild Eyes, then grinned as a kick sent the warrior spinning into a wall. Her smile disappeared as a thrown hatchet buried itself in her chest and Smiling Wild Eyes gave a barking laugh.

"All right, that's enough."

Both looked at the speaker preparing to snarl but stopped, seeing Callisto. The blonde warlord walked up to the SS officer and just pulled the hatchet out of her and tossed it back to the Indian who caught it deftly. She looked around at her other incarnations. "Show's over. You'd think you'd never seen chicks fight before." The others all with the same blonde hair and features but dressed in clothes from widely ranging periods went back to their games of pool, drinks, or card games.

Callisto rolled her eyes. I wonder if Xena has to supervise a kindergarten like I do, she thought. Looking around she spotted an incarnation she could stand and went and sat at her table across from her.

Giulietta Mellestini looked up and smiled. "It's good none of us can really die in here. We'd all have killed each other long ago."

Callisto tiredly put her face in her hands. "Why are they all so short tempered? Can't we all just get along?"

The Italian condottiere said, "You're asking me? We are all in your image. But you know some are worse than others and these are the worst of all here. What did you expect? There are others who are different. One indeed who is much, much different."

Callisto eyed the mercenary captain. "Don't start again, Giulietta. Shybear is just another life. No more."

"Many of us are not so sure of that. Perhaps the Blessed Virgin has interceded for us and the merciful Lamb of God has redeemed us with the noble doctor."

Callisto said, "How many times do I have to tell you, this started before all that? Your precious Holy Trinity has nothing to do with us."

"Do not blaspheme, Callisto. I warn you," Giulietta said dangerously and put her hand on her sword. Her eyes were wide and her nostrils flaring. The warlord groaned and put her face back in her hands.

Callisto got up and just left. She could hear Giulietta snorting derisively after her. It wasn't worth it. She had been through all of this so many times. There was actually a town of nothing but her incarnations here. The different personality types gravitated to one area or another. That was a pretty rough place she'd just come out of, full of some of her darkest incarnations. Giulietta really didn't fit in there, feeling like she did about redemption and Holy Mother Church, etc. Like many of her incarnations though she would go to other areas, looking for trouble. There wasn't much difference between any of them as to raw ability. Though as she'd recently explained to Shybear, experience counted for a lot. Her relatively peaceful incarnations couldn't expect to hold their own against characters like Smiling Wild Eyes, Giulietta Mellestini, or Karla Graffen..

When she wasn't talking to her current incarnation, Callisto used to spend all her time in that place back there. She'd founded it. But that was thousands of years ago. Now she spent most of her time with the more controlled incarnations Fights broke out in their hangouts too but at least they were about something; politics or religion... or even good versus evil, as her heroic selves brought the job home with them. Not like those crazy bitches in that biker bar that would rip each other open over a bag of peanuts.


Bob was 26 and Jack was 45. Both held beers and the two men smiled at each other as they looked at the woman. They had drugged her in the bar and managed to get her out to Jack's pickup before she passed out. Bob had inherited his mother's trailer and they'd taken her there. They'd stripped her but hadn't raped her yet. Jack wanted her conscious for that part. This was the most beautiful one they'd ever gotten. She was blonde and they discovered from her identification she was even a doctor. They hated her. Somebody like that thought she was better than them. They intended to teach her who was better than who. Bob got frustrated and cut her panties up with a pair of scissors.

Jack said, "She's waking up." He turned his Bears baseball cap around and walked over and put a hand on her left breast rolling the nipple between his thumb and index finger. Bob grinned and put his hand in her pubic hair. Her eyes snapped open.

The men were watching her as she grasped her situation. "Dr. Callendar. Dr. Bitch! I'm gonna call you cunt. You call us 'sir'. Understand, cunt?" Bob said. Jack's eyes were excited and he was rubbing his crotch with his other hand. She wasn't reacting like the others though. Her eyes took on a strange look.

"You will address me as SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Graffen," she said in a German accented voice.

"Huh?" Jack said then he cursed as Bob yelped. They looked at their broken fingers and the woman who was now standing and looking contemptuously at them.

"Bitch!" Bob said and reached for her. He fell to the floor with a hand over the bloody hole where his right eye used to be.

Jack said, "Shit!" and ran for the door, but a foot in his back sent him careening into it. Then he gasped in pain as that bitch grabbed his hair and slammed his teeth into the doorknob and kneed him in the kidneys. He crumpled to the floor.

The beautiful blonde nude woman crossed her arms and studied the moaning figures. She heard Callisto in her mind. "Very nice, Karla. You aren't finished are you?"

What about the doctor? Karla thought.

"Shybear wants you to handle them. She specifically asked for you. This is a good opportunity for you two to put that other business behind you."

SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Karla Graffen opened her brown eyes wide and smiled. But as she studied the two bloody moaning figures she bared her teeth. "You look like a Polak! And you're a Jew! That's a kike's nose if I've ever seen one! You subhumans planned on defiling an Aryan woman!" Karla was almost shaking with rage.

"Yeah, Karla, you can't let'em get away with that! They're probably agents of Franklin Delano Rosenfeld," Callisto's voice said with a laugh.

Karla snarled back at her speaking aloud, "You mock me but it's true! The Jewish bankers and profiteers want you to think like that. Look at this fine new world! They owe it us! The Fuhrer had the courage to seek a final solution and without the Jews look what has been accomplished! If only we could have finished them all. They are coming back now, like cockroaches!"

Callisto answered, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sieg Heil and Glory Halleluiah. Teach these two a lesson but make sure Susan doesn't get in trouble for it, Karla. You wouldn't want us to be hauled before some mongrel Gypsy-Negro judge would you?"

"Don't even joke like that," Karla said as she tied Bob and Jack up with their belts and found towels to gag them with. She noticed a tattoo peeking through the top of Jack's shirt and just cut his shirt off with his own hunting knife. He was staring in terror at her making whimpering sounds. Karla said to him, "Is that a phoenix? I used to have a lampshade like that at Belsen. Have you heard of Belsen, Jew?"

Jack began making muffled sounds, "Mmmph nnnt e eew! nnnt e eew!"

Karla smiled and said softly, "Oh, you're not a Jew? Doesn't surprise me that you'd deny it. You vermin have degenerated even further and don't even have the dignity of those we put in the ovens." She grabbed his hair to hold him still and carved a swastika on his forehead while he tried to scream through the gag. The naked woman looked over at Bob who was staring at her in terror with his remaining eye. Karla winked at him. "Don't think I'm forgetting about you, Polak," she said with sweet smile.


Susan was looking curiously around the room. It seemed to be a coffeehouse. There were several bookshelves and paintings of battles on the walls. Everybody in it looked like her, although they were dressed in clothes from many different periods, and most were armed. Two figures approached her: one she recognized from her dreams as being Callisto herself; the other wore Renaissance clothes with red tights and an ornate yellow tunic with puffed sleeves slashed to reveal purple satin. She wore both a sword at her side and a heavy gold crucifix around her neck.

Callisto said, "Shybear. This a good place for you to see since I'm sure you'll spend time here after you die. Lotta the class incarnations like it. You might recognize Giulietta from that book Joxer's incarnation showed you. She was the one who fought for you when Karla tried to take over your body permanently."

Susan looked at the condottiere. "Thank you."

The mercenary captain just grabbed her and gave her bear hug, then kissed her on each cheek. "No, thank you, Doctor! I believe you are our redemption. That the Son of Man and his Mother the Blessed Virgin are acting through you to save us all!"

Callisto sighed but didn't say anything.

Susan said with embarrassment, "I don't know anything about that."

Giuletta smiled and said, "Of course you don't. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Come, sit with us while the Lutheran disposes of your enemies. That you would give her another chance like just shows how fine you are!"

Susan followed them to a table and sat down. She didn't feel like she was being fine. She felt guilty already. When she realized what had happened and these troglodytes had probably already raped her, she wanted to do the worst thing imaginable to them. That meant Karla Graffen. Susan could have disabled them herself but she couldn't punish them. Callisto seemed hurt that she didn't ask her.

A waitress who looked like Susan as a teenager came over and poured them coffee. Callisto saw her curious expression and said, "Olga here was killed by Xena at this age. She and the other children take care of things like this, if they want to. Of course, plenty of 'em are in gangs, me being who I am." She patted the girl's arm who looked at the warlord like Callisto was a movie star.

"Callisto, I have to stop Karla. I shouldn't have done this. God, how could I sic a crazy Nazi on anyone?" Susan said in a rush.

Callisto and Giulietta caught each other's eyes. Callisto sighed, reached into a purse she wore and handed a coin to the mercenary. "You were right, I was wrong," Callisto said.

Giulietta said to Susan, "You continue to follow Christ's example. I believe you should let the Lutheran finish what she has started. The dogs deserve their reward. Please...for me. I fought for you before. Give me this."

Susan felt her eyes get red as she heard the emotion in the other woman's voice. She looked over at Callisto who seemed bored. "All right, Giulietta. I guess I owe you."

The condottiere clapped an arm on her shoulder and sat back with a smile. "Doctor, don't look at what she's doing. Let justice take its course."

Susan nodded. All she had to do was will it and she could see what was happening or even take her body back. She decided Giulietta was right. She didn't want to know what Karla was doing to those assholes.


Bob Samuels could tell something was bothering Susan. She had come over and was holding little Gabrielle like her life depended on it. His other adopted daughter, Annie, seemed put out but Bob sent her outside.

"What happened?" Bob asked.

Susan looked at him and shook her head. "I can't talk about it to you, Bob."

The lawyer studied her. "Well, that tells me right there it's about Karla Graffen probably. What else would you feel like that about?"

"Don't be so goddamned smart, Bob!" Susan said. Gabrielle began to cry, and the woman blushed and shushed her.

Bob got up and took the toddler and put her in a playpen. Then he looked thoughtful and retrieved a newspaper and read the headline. NEO-NAZIS SOUGHT IN TRIPLE TORTURE SLAYINGS. He held it up for Susan to see and she looked away.

"Susan, you should talk about it. What happened?"

She began kneading her hands then said, "A couple of guys tried to rape me, Bob. I turned Karla Graffen loose on them. God, oh God! They told her the bartender was in on it and she just waited for him to show up too."

He looked at her and sat down. "Why Graffen? Why not Callisto herself?"

"Because I wanted them to suffer! Karla's worse than Callisto, to me anyway. Karla makes me sick, Callisto doesn't, that's why! God, after what she did to you..."

Bob said, "It wasn't me anymore than Karla Graffen was you."

"But you had a dream about it. About Belsen," Susan said.

The man looked down. "Yeah, well. Armand still wasn't me even if I did get to dream about him."

"Bob, I talked to her....afterwards. You know how you said there's all these Joxer incarnations inside you and you've met them? Well, I met some of Callisto's incarnations. I thanked her, Bob. I thanked this Nazi war criminal. Oh, God!"

"What did she say?" Bob asked, remembering his dream.

"Karla said it was her pleasure. That she was always happy to kill dirty Polaks and stinking Jews and I should give her a call if I want any other racially inferior garbage disposed of--especially niggers. She says here in America they are even more of a problem than kikes. Bob, I didn't want to know what she did. I just wanted her to do my dirty work. But then it was all over the papers and I couldn't help myself and read about it. She made a lampshade out of human skin, Bob! It's my fault! It was really me. She used my hands! I'm a doctor for Christ's sake!"

Bob closed his eyes and saw the office from his dream. There had been a lampshade there too. Karla was consistent anyway. "Susan, what should you have done?"

"I didn't need help, Bob. I could've just tied 'em up myself and called the cops. But I wanted to punish them. They drugged me and I woke up naked with their hands on me. I told Callisto to get Karla Graffen."

"Were you raped while you were unconscious?" Bob asked, horrified at what she told him.

She shook her head. "I don't think so, unless they used rubbers and were careful about hurting me, and they didn't seem the type. They wanted me awake, I think; wanted me to beg. It just popped into my head what I should do. I was so angry."

Bob said levelly, "Susan, I'm glad you stopped them. If you called the cops they might not have even gone to jail, and if they did they'd be out in a few years and do it to somebody else. I should know. I'm a defense attorney. I woulda made it like you picked them up. Since they hadn't raped you yet, you could even wind up being the one in trouble."

Susan didn't say anything but shuddered. "Thanks. You were right. I did need to talk about it."

Bob asked, "Do you want to see Joxer?"

"I'd like that," Susan said pathetically.

Bob's face changed and he stood up and came over and held her. "It's all right, Susie. Joxer's here." The beautiful woman began crying as she held onto the man.