by Joseph Anderson

Krycek belongs to the X-Files and Chris Carter. Callisto belongs to Xena: Warrior Princess, Renaissance Pictures and MCA/Universal. No copyright infringement is intended. This may not be sold and must contain all notices of copyright.

X-Files/Xena crossover. NC-17. Krycek/Callisto. This is an experiment in pornography and doesn't fit anywhere in my big storyline.

Warning: Contains bad language and explicit heterosexual sex which may or may not be consensual.

Note: Revised 6/20/03. Just some minor stuff a couple places, changing tenses, deleting a word here and there.

The alley was dark except for shafts of moonlight and smelled of garbage and urine. The blonde woman grinned as the figure she had been stalking spun around and saw her. She threw her chakram which sheared his left arm off. That'd be a good place to start. But instead of falling he simply pointed his other hand at her.

She was hogtied, she was naked, her head hurt, and she could feel it was bandaged. The woman opened her eyes and saw a pair of shiny black shoes of a style she'd never seen. Whoever it was was sitting in a chair. His legs were in some blue material she also had never seen before. Everything in this room had a strange look, impersonal somehow like it hadn't been made by hand, and was lit by a lamp hanging from the ceiling that was brighter and whiter than any flame she'd ever seen. She was covered with goosebumps lying on a floor of cold acid-yellow tiles. Her nipples were hard.

"Why did you try to kill me? Who sent you?"

The blonde raised her head to look at the speaker though it was uncomfortable in the position she was in. Looked around her age, with short brown hair. He wore a gray shirt with an empty left sleeve, and the arm she had cut off was in his lap in two pieces, the hand covered by a black glove. The leather coat he had been wearing in the alley was draped over a chair along with her own fighting leathers. Her sword, knives and chakram were nearby on the floor.

"Where's the other one? Did he get me with a sling or an arrow?" she asked in return. She didn't know how she could have missed him. The man gave her a peculiar look.

Setting the pieces of his artificial arm down, he stood and savagely kicked her in the side.

"That the best you can do?" she said sweetly.

He squatted down in front of her and looked in her brown eyes with his own green ones. "Are you some kind of fucking psycho? Why would you say something like that when you're helpless? Who sent you to kill me?"

She giggled and said, "I'm never helpless. Saw you meet a guy by the wharf and I started following you because you were just so darn FURTIVE. Thought I'd do a good deed and see how it feels. I've never done a good deed. See what it got me. No good deed goes unpunished, as Ares would say." She knitted her brows, "What's a 'psycho'? I don't think I like the sound of that. I like the fucking part though. Sounds yummy."

"What were you doing at the wharf?" he demanded. Who the hell was this? Had to be a martial arts expert from the way she had cut his artificial limb off with that round thing, plus the knives and even a sword. Who would send somebody like that after him? Some Ninja nut wouldn't just single him out; no one was that unlucky. He remembered Russia. He was that unlucky.

She said conversationally in answer, "Ya got me. One minute I was in Athens talking to Hermes who said I underestimated thieves and sneaks. Next thing I know, I'm on some docks and I see you acting all furtive. Figured I'd have some fun."

He was listening closely in honest outrage. "'Hermes'. 'Athens'. My life isn't complicated enough but I get my arm cut off by some crazy dominatrix with a mythology fetish." He kicked her and snarled, "Do you have any idea how hard it'll be to get this fixed? Fucking bitch!" He kicked her again. She could hear how his rage was building. Each kick had been harder than the last. She craned her neck up to grin at his angry sweaty face. He was REALLY good looking.

She saw him get control of himself with difficulty. "What will you do if I untie you? I don't need any dead bodies on my hands," he contemptuously asked.

"You mean HAND don't you? Cut your dick off and hammer it up your ass with your wooden arm," the trussed up woman said with a demented smile and sensuous tone. "Or maybe, I'll cut your other arm off and use it."

He kicked her in the stomach this time. "What the hell is wrong with you? Even if that's how you feel you shouldn't say that."

"Oh, I never lie. Life is too short to waste it living like some rat."

The mocking nude woman expected to be kicked but he stopped himself. He reached for his missing arm as if to scratch it and frowned at her smirk. "There's no other way sometimes. You've just been lucky if you don't know that."

She exploded making him step back in surprise. "Lucky? Lucky? My family was burned alive and I had to start peddling my ass when I was ten years old! That's lucky? Shithead!" She was practically frothing at the mouth, the change instantaneous. He tried to think...bipolar lability...that was it.

He looked thoughtfully at her outraged beautiful face craning up at him, then sat next to her on the cold linoleum floor, reached over and began stroking her firm white buttocks which felt cold to the touch. Her legs were tied open with her hands and feet bound behind her. "That's a hard luck story, all right. What's your name?"

"Callisto," she answered with a pout sounding almost girlish now. Man, he thought. This one is really something.

"I'm Alex. Pretty black and white though. Lemme guess, you decided then and there that you would get back at whoever killed your family. You wouldn't sound like that if it was an accident. What if you started out thinking you were doing your duty, then it turned out you'd been used and you had to run to stay alive. Even when you thought you knew who was using you, maybe it was really someone else. You had to start lying and killing just to survive long enough to try and figure out what was going on. Maybe you found you even liked it; you were better at it than the assholes who played you ever imagined you'd be. And there was no way you could ever, ever go back."

Callisto squirmed a little in pleasure at his touch. "It likes it...Gosh, Alex, now that you put it that way, I see what an easy time I've had. Listening to my sister and mother screaming as they burned can't hold a candle to second thoughts about a career move."

His hand moved away and she heard some small sounds. She made a small "Oh!" as a lubricated thumb slipped into her anus and other fingers into her vagina. "Yeah, little Miss Lucky...that's me..." Callisto said. She sounded aggrieved now.

"Nice," she heard him say in a husky voice after about 30 seconds of working his hand. He removed his fingers and thumb from inside her and walked away and she heard running water. He reappeared squatting in front of her still awkwardly drying his one hand on a small towel he had to press against his body.

"A girl could take that personally," she said accusingly.

"No need giving the lab boys a free ride if I kill you."

"What are lab boys?" she asked openly.

He didn't answer but grabbed her blonde hair and looked in her wide brown eyes. She wasn't afraid and it didn't seem to be an act. "Which would you prefer, being killed or giving head?"

"That's a puzzler...lemme think..." At the look on Alex's face she said, "Just kidding. What a sourpuss!"

Alex picked his gun up and touched her face but she didn't react. Curious, he picked up that round blade she had used to cut his arm off. She tensed watching it closely.

"Why are you more worried about a knife than a gun?" Alex said.

Callisto frowned and said with annoyance, "What's a gun? That thing you touched me with? What's it do?"

"Crazy bitch," Alex said with disgust. He unzipped his blue jeans and took his hard penis out with his remaining hand, then picked up the round blade again. "Go on," he ordered holding the blade to her neck. The naked woman trussed up like a turkey on the cold floor began licking at his dick with her little pink tongue.

Callisto was debating whether to bite him. He would kill her and she probably wouldn't be able to actually bite it off, though. That was the down side. The upside was how much fun it would be and the look on his face. As she took him in her mouth she decided she didn't feel like dying. This was actually sorta fun. She hadn't given head in years, not since she stopped turning tricks and started killing when she was fifteen. Well, there was that time with Ares, but she'd been in Xena's body at the time. Most of her johns sure hadn't looked like this guy though and none had been as interesting. She had been methodically working at her bonds. Eventually she would work herself free. She was glad she hadn't killed him in the alley. There were way funner things than that she could imagine doing with Alex. She could tell he couldn't fight her. He probably knew that too and it was part of why he was excited now.

She gave him a nip and felt her chakram nick the skin of her throat. Callisto giggled a little muffled by his dick. He grunted in amusement. She'd see how amused he was when he was the one tied up and maybe she really did bite his cock off. Well, she'd have to gnaw it off. She wasn't particularly strong. Xena, now SHE could just bite a penis off. She'd heard of her doing that, in fact, in the old days to some rival warlord or other. Bet the noble Warrior Princess never shared that story with her precious little Gabrielle.

Looking up Callisto saw how excited Alex was. He was staring down at her and sometimes closing his eyes. Her right hand wriggled free. She continued sucking as she freed her left hand. Alex was almost there. Now her feet were free but she stayed in the trussed position. She could feel Alex was close to coming. She brought her hands forward and grabbed the chakram away with one hand and just started stroking his balls with the other as he began coming in her mouth. He looked panicked but couldn't stop himself. She assumed a more comfortable position and kept stroking his testicles as he ejaculated.

Alex felt spent and then was on his back as Callisto gave him a shove. Before he could react she was standing over him, her legs spread and that round blade at his throat. She smiled, opened her mouth, and let his own semen cover his face. That blade pressing against his throat was drawing blood.

Callsto grabbed a fist-full of his shirt and slashed it off quickly with the chakram. She used it to wipe her mouth off then dropped it on Alex's terrified face. "Go ahead," she said coldly. He wiped his face off as well as he could.

She picked his gun up and looked curiously at it. Callisto pointed the weapon at him. "Tell me, Alex. What happens if I pull on this little lever?"

"A bullet will come out the end, a metal ball."

Callisto frowned and touched her bandaged head. "That's how you did this to me. Why didn't it kill me?" When he didn't answer she repeated softly, "Why?"

"Because I missed," Alex answered.

"Ah, I see. Ya know, Alex. I didn't miss with my chakram. Cutting your arm off was exactly what I wanted to do."

He didn't respond and she continued. "Know what that tells me? That you aren't as good as me. Considering a minute ago you had me tied up and your thumb up my ass, you'd agree with that wouldn't you?"

Alex was sweating, having no idea at all what to expect from this maniac. "Yeah, I'd agree. I shoulda killed you when I had the chance and risked the consequences."

Callisto threw her chakram and it went ricocheting around the room to return to her waiting hand. "Yeah, you shoulda. But you didn't want to. Now if you didn't want to because you thought killing me would be naughty, like Gabrielle thinks, you'd be nothing but a weak fool and I'd skin you alive right now." She paused seeing him flinch at the words. "BUT, you just didn't want to leave evidence for watchmen and their 'lab boys.' I like that attitude."

"I'm glad," Alex said.

"DID I ASK IF YOU WERE GLAD?!?" the woman suddenly screamed at him and hit him across the face with the gun.

Alex shook his head, gritting his teeth from the pain. He probably had a cracked or broken cheek bone. The blonde woman continued. "But I'm wondering what you planned after I sucked you off. Gonna kill me then?"

Alex said, "I wanted to actually fuck you again in a while when I was ready. After that I dunno. I was playing it by ear."

Callisto nodded and walked over to the chair and began pulling her black fighting leathers back on, not even looking at Alex. He nervously got to his feet, his face throbbing in pain from being pistol whipped. She said, "There's a moral here for both of us, Alex. Kill somebody and don't screw around. I coulda killed you in the alley but wanted to have fun by cutting you to pieces. And you coulda killed me after you learned what you wanted. You could see I was dangerous."

"Uh huh," he said.

"I think you got into talking to me too, which is cute. Weak but flattering for a girl."

"Now what?" he said. She was going to kill him. At least he wanted to say something. 'Now what' weren't the most eloquent last words in the world but they beat nothing.

She smiled at him. "Now I'm leaving. That was fun. Well, being kicked all those times wasn't but the rest of it was. Somebody cut my arm off I'd probably kick 'em around a little too. No, change that. I'd do lot more than kick 'em around. Forgot how much fun it can be to suck dick. Wish you'd buttfucked me while I was tied up but you can't have everything."

"Next time," Alex said.

Callisto looked in his careful green eyes with her mad brown ones. "Maybe. I like to play it by ear myself. Next time I'll go first. You might not have anything to fuck me with when I'm through with you. Now, darling, how do I get out of here?"

Alex showed her to the door of his apartment and watched her saunter away down the dark street. Then she seemed to just vanish.

The End