Joseph Anderson

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WARNING: Extreme violence, sexual violence, and child abuse. Please don't read this if it might upset you. NC-17

NOTE: This story has been rolling around in my head for years. The title is from an Ozzie Osborne song. I would listen to No More Tears and imagine Callisto. My song ideas were good for a couple scenes but when I fleshed it out they clashed with my established timeline. So this story doesn't fit with my other stories though the conception of Callisto is the same. This story turned out way nastier than I originally intended. I thought that was being honest to the subject matter though.


She opened her eyes in the dark hut. Callisto heard her mother and little sister sleeping on either side of her. The ten-year-old girl got up careful not to wake them, went to the small window, and peeked out at her village. Cirra was all she'd ever known. She was already betrothed to the blacksmith's son, Cedrius. It was arranged the day she was born. Cedrius was three years older. He was okay. She didn't think he was too smart but everybody liked him. He wanted to protect her. That's what a husband did, he said. Whatever. What else was there anyway? She didn't know what woke her up. She continued looking out the window. Then she heard it, horses. She saw torches.

"Mama! Get up! Get up!"

"What is it, Callisto?"

"Mama! There are men!"

Suddenly there was yelling and galloping horses outside. Her mother ran to the window. "Oh, gods!" She ran to pick up her other daughter. A flaming arrow hit the bed.

"Mama!" Callisto cried as flames engulfed her screaming mother and sister. The fire spread to the walls and terrified Callisto ran out of her house. She sobbed out, "Why?" A horse sent her reeling to the ground. Every structure in the village was on fire now. She saw Cedrius, looking determined, run towards her. A horseman leaned down and lopped off the boy's head. The body took another step and collapsed. Those who weren't caught in their burning homes were being slaughtered. Callisto screamed, "Why?"


Callisto stared dumbly at the ground as Aegeus dragged her roughly past several tents. She'd been with him two months. Yesterday she turned 11. The caravan had stopped for the night. Aegeus was in his late twenties, tall and good looking. He stopped at a tent. "Magreus!"

The tent flap opened and a puffy face looked out. Magreus grunted and came out of the tent. He was a big man in leather. "This is her then." It wasn't a question.

"That's right."

Magreus squatted down and looked the blonde girl over. "She's really one of Xena's?" He pulled her rags over her head and she stood naked in the cold air.

"From Cirra, I was told." Aegeus shrugged.

Magreus got a mean smile. "I'd like to have something of that bitch."

"You know her?"

"Yeah, I know her."

Aegeus said, "You from Cirra, girl? Burned out by Xena?" She nodded.

Magreus eyed her. "Can she talk?"

Aegeus raised his hand. The child said, "I can talk." Magreus held his right index finger out. Callisto didn't move and Aegeus slapped the back of her head. The naked girl licked and sucked the finger.

Aegeus released her and commented, "Funny thing she don't cry. Not ever. But show her what's what and she comes round."

Magreus stood up. "Right then." He counted coins into Aegeus's hand and the cold child pulled her rags on.

Magreus was an ex-soldier. She'd been with him over three years as he drifted from place to place. Now they were with bandits Magreus had connections with. He got them information, helped them fence their goods, and provided entertainment. She'd only had to start fucking a year ago since he didn't want his property damaged. Before that it was blowjobs and handjobs. Now it was everything. She was 14.

It was late, the tent lit by a cracked oil lamp shaped like a hog. The girl huddled in a corner while her owner ate from a platter and drank from a chipped clay cup. He tossed her a cold chicken leg that she greedily devoured. Magreus was drunk. He eyed the girl and said, "Poor little Cirra girl. Xena killed mamma and sissy. You hate her? Me too. Still hungry? Thirsty?" She nodded. He smiled, "Come and get it." The ragged blonde teen carefully approached him. He pulled her onto his lap. The girl ignored his hands as she wolfed down another chicken leg and drank wine though it made her shudder. Callisto crammed a piece of bread into her mouth when she felt his finger. She pressed her legs together without thinking.

"Little bitch!" Magreus shook her so her head spun, then slapped her to the floor. Callisto felt something hard under her right hand and wrapped her fingers around it. The man was red faced. He snarled, "You're mine! Understand! You made a fool of me, Xena! Nobody treats me like that!" He was getting angrier and angrier.

"I'm not Xena."

"Bitch!" He kicked her. "I'll show you!"

Callisto felt she was standing outside of herself. She heard herself say, "I'm sorry. I'll do better, I will." She knew what she held now, the bit from a broken bridle. Her heart pounded but she was also calm. Callisto had never felt this way. It didn't seem real. Go ahead. Who said that?

"What are you smiling at?" Magreus demanded. "I'll give you something to smile at."

You know what to do. Callisto made her voice terrified. "Master, forgive me." Crouching she approached the towering man. She tentatively reached into his trousers.

"Fucking warrior princess...." he said and slapped her but not so hard this time. Callisto didn't react but pulled his soft penis out. Magreus was unsteady. He mumbled, "Sorry, girl. Shouldn't have done that." He patted her head like a dog as she sucked him.

Now. She said with his dick still in her mouth, "It's okay." Callisto calmly watched herself bite down and drive the bit into his testicles. He crashed to the ground.

Magreus got out one cry before she pressed a blanket over his mouth and straddled his head. Callisto positioned the bit at his squeezed-shut left eye and smashed it with the heel of her hand gashing herself. His mouth chewed at her crotch through the rough blanket. Magreus arched back with the bit protruding from his eye socket. Callisto grabbed the end of the bit and ground it in with all her weight. He thrashed and flopped but she kept his head locked between her thighs muffling the screams. Magreus finally stopped shivering. The 14-year-old weakly got up and collapsed. She unsteadily looked out the tent flap; no one. She found Magreus' knife and crawled out of the tent. The camp was dark and quiet. She ran.

When she felt safe she stopped on a hillock and looked back. She was no longer outside of her body but couldn't say exactly when it changed. The 14-year-old sat down and looked at the dark camp. There were about fifty men there. She'd fucked every one. She was the rag they jacked off into. There were supposed to be guards but probably they were asleep. She remembered Magreus: "With Draco, sleeping on guard duty would get you fifty lashes if not crucified. But these are just curs." Sometimes he talked to her. Sometimes Magreus was even nice to her. He was just drunk tonight.... Don't think that! He was scum and deserved it! The voice was back. Callisto felt calm again. The voice knew what to do. Callisto stood up and headed back toward the camp.

Creitos woke and glanced sleepily around the dark tent he shared with four others. No one was snoring for a change. He didn't know what woke him but he closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

Callisto lay quiet on the floor. That was close. When the man's breathing became regular and he started to snore she silently rose, holding a knife. She remembered how Creitos would hold her ears. Callisto placed a hand over his mouth and slit his throat. She grinned at his terrified eyes before they glazed over. The girl wiped the blade off on the corpse. Five more. She quietly left the tent of dead men. She'd been doing this all night. Only a few tents were left.

It was midmorning when the grizzled warrior saw a blonde girl by the road, exhausted by the look of her. He stopped his horse and said with concern, "Girl, where's your family? You shouldn't be alone on this road. There are bandits."

She smiled lazily. "No there aren't. Say, do you know where Xena is?"

He paused, getting a strange feeling off of her. "Can't say as I do." He asked, "Does your father know where you are?"

"I doubt it. Anyway I'm fine. You just run along." She made a dismissive hand gesture.

No sane girl would speak to an armed stranger that way. Plenty would rape her on principle. The warrior said, "You don't look fine. You look like you need a friend."

"And that's you, I suppose." The girl drew a knife.

He saw the blood on her now. The horseman said soothingly, "You've been through it, I can see that. But I'll not harm you. If you're in trouble perhaps I can help."

She hissed at him, "Get off that horse and I'll cut your balls off!"

The warrior studied her. He could disarm her easily but then what? She'd never believe he wanted to help her. The gods knew what she'd endured. He said, "I'm Meleager. Sometimes I'm called the Mighty. If you need a friend look me up."

"Thanks, Meleager. Now go fuck yourself."

He smiled, "That's no fun. What's your name?"

The girl's brown eyes bored into his. "I'm Callisto."

"Where are you from?"

"Cirra. Heard of it? Beautiful place. Or it was till Xena came along."

He paused. "I'm sorry." Meleager felt sad. What could he do? "Take care of yourself, Callisto. Watch out for bandits around here."

She laughed and said, "I already told you, there aren't any bandits. Now shoo, shoo."

His eyes flicked over the spattered blood on her. "I see."

"You're really Meleager the Mighty?" Her voice was appraising.

"Yes." Meleager watched her.

"Teach me to fight. I'll make it worth your while," she spoke seductively and smiled.

The grey-bearded warrior responded, "I won't do that but I'll take you to a family I know."

Callisto stared at the old hero, wanting to believe him. He's lying! Get rid of him! "Fuck off," she growled.

Meleager nodded at her and rode on.


Six Years Later

The handsome man got his ale and sat down at a battered table to wait. Aegeus half expected no one to show up. It was common in his line of work. Someone wanted to meet him to discuss business. The messenger wouldn't tell him who but that wasn't strange. Aegeus would be careful here. He supplied girls. If this was some boss trying to move in on somebody else's territory, he'd politely decline. He'd lasted as long as he had by not pissing off the wrong people. It was the rule he lived by. Xena told him once she never wanted to see his face. He did his best.

He glanced up as two burly warriors stepped in the door and stood on each side. A warrior woman in black leather came in after them. She grinned and walked right up to his table.

"Hello Aegeus." She had refined features, brown eyes and long beautiful blonde hair. He'd never put it together. The name wasn't uncommon.

"Hello Callisto."

She grinned, "You DO remember me. I'm touched, really touched."

Aegeus glanced at her two men by the door. The patrons and tavernkeeper hurriedly left. Aegeus glimpsed more warriors outside. He nervously asked, "What do you want?"

"Gosh, Aegeus, now what do I want? Hmmm. You don't mind me calling you that now do ya? You used to make me call you master."

His stomach was full of acid. Aegeus said, "I never would've done that if I'd known who you'd become."

Callisto burst out in laughter. "Oh, I believe that!" She turned and walked out, saying to her men, "Bring him."

Aegeus scrambled for a window but the warriors caught him easily. They pulled him out of the tavern. Callisto waited beside a large black stallion. She had at least twenty men with her. She pointed to the ground and her men threw Aegeus at her feet.

"Please, Callisto. I'm sorry." He begged, "Don't kill me!"

The blonde warlord smiled widely. "Now, who said I was going to kill you?" She held out her finger. Aegeus didn't move and a man slapped the back of his head. Callisto said, "C'mon, Aegeus, you remember." He sucked her finger while her men laughed. Callisto complained, "Doesn't do anything for me. Now, who....who...I know!" She pointed at her horse.

Aegeus wanted to throw up. He clearly said, "No."

Callisto clapped her hands together. "I hoped you say that!" Her men grabbed him. In a moment the tall handsome man stood naked and shaking on the street. Callisto looked him over. "Yup, just like I remember. Hung like a horse. That's what gave me the idea." Callisto took something from a saddlebag. Aegeus saw the ridged stone dildo.

Aegeus said, "All right, I'll do it."

Callisto pouted, "But you have to learn what's what first." She ordered, "Bring tongs and hot coals from the blacksmith." She asked, "Any sign of trouble from the good townfolk, Theodorus?"

Her lieutenant shook his head. "I told 'em we'd leave when we finished our business."

Callisto said, "And they believed you? Why are people so stupid?" Theodorus shrugged.

Aegeus gritted his teeth when Callisto rammed the dildo into him. He didn't scream until Theodorus applied the hot coals to the soles of his feet while Callisto continued fucking him up the ass. An hour later she squatted down where he lay under her stallion. It was getting dark. "What a sight you are, Aegeus. Wipe the horse cum off your face and come out from there." She handed him a dirty towel. Aegeus took the rag and wiped off his mouth. He crawled out to where Callisto stood surrounded by her smirking men. He managed to stand but was bent over from the pain. He wasn't naked now. They put him in a dress and made up his face. She had to admit he looked good that way. Her men thought so too. She said, "Like I told you, Aegeus. I'm not gonna kill you, because that's the kind of sweet person I am. What do you say?"

"Thank you," he whispered.

"Good boy." Callisto smiled and backhanded him. Aegeus would have fallen but one of her men caught him. She said, "I'm gonna keep you with me until I can find a good home for you. Like me with Magreus. In the meantime, you'll have to earn your keep." She looked at Theodorus who stepped forward leading a pair of big dogs.

Aegeus fell to his knees crying. Callisto stepped on his burned feet and he screamed. She hissed at him, "I never cried. You shouldn't either." Aegeus licked the bitch while the male dog mounted him. Callisto's laughter echoed through the town.