"The first, and only, truly accurate map of Goa appeared in 1995, with the publication of John Callanan's excellent Goa Beach Guide (Roger Lascelles). Combining detailed coverage of the state's road network with scale plans of all the resorts, it is indispensable if you are planning to travel any distance by rented motorcycle or car. As yet, few shops in Goa stock it, so get hold of one before you leave..."
David Abram (GOA: The Rough Guide)

"The wittiest read in Goa"
(The Daily Telegraph)

Welcome to
The GOA BEACH GUIDE web site.
The main purpose is to advertise the existence of my map and to assist ordering through a link with Edward Stanfords (The Worlds Largest Map Shop). Almost all the information and inset maps are available here, though obviously at a low screen definition (72dpi). The map of the state of Goa is available, either as one piece or separated into counties (Talukas), but will naturally take a long time to download.

The buttons at the top of this page should be self evident. HOME is to return to this page at any time. INFO will take you to travel information including history, geography, drugs, nudity etc. MAPS will take you to a page to choose between Beach maps, City maps, Taluka maps or State
maps. ORDER will take you to a page with the link to Edward Stanfords web site.
ISBN: 185879028X
Size folded: 242x124mm
In cover: 247x128mm
Size flat: 860x480mm
Stanfords catalogue no: 66121
Update due: October 2002
State of Goa map: 1:200,000
City plans: 1:10,000 & 1:20,000
Beach plans: 1:10,000
Travel guide including cultural notes,
accommodation, eating and drinking etc.