DX Legends Remembered

Gus Browning, W4BPD

Thoughts on Gus Browning

by Jack Troster, W6ISQ

I knew Gus pretty well. He was here at my house a couple of times and always consumed the required magnum of Coke. He was a great operator with great humor who was not above carrying on a rag chew with a buddy even though the world was QRX. At times he would say "I just want calls from people running under 100 watts". Of course, the whole world would continue to call. Or he might say, "everybody call on 14201" Followed by "My what a mess". I wrote a story for QST a long time ago which was one of my favorites. Gus and Don landed on opposite sides of the same island and met at the top...."Gus"...".Don". Now that I think of it, it might have been Gus and Danny Weil-hi.

I attended a talk Gus gave at an ARRL convention a long time ago. He was asked how he learned to send with his left hand and write with his right hand. He demonstrated: Tapped his head with his left and rubbed circles on his stomach with the right hand, while he kept tapping time with his foot. I recorded that talk but haven't seen it in many years. Probably got lost in one of our moves. He was always very gracious with a twinkle in his eye. Everybody was "Ole Buddy" whether you had known him for years or just met him.

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