DX Stories by Paul M. Dunphy, VE1DX

DX Is A Changing Season

by Hugh Cassidy, WA6AUD

Originally published in the WCDXB issue 11 April 1978

(with minor modifications by VE1DX in December, 1996)

One of the Local QRPers was up the hill last week and for awhile we sat around and talked about the good things of Spring . . . such as working Clipperton on a number of bands. "Clipperton should not be on anyone's 'most needed list' for a long time," the QRPer said, "maybe twenty or thirty years or so." We had to think about this a bit and, as usual, we got into an endless argument. So we took the question up the hill to the Old Timer who was feeling good now that the longer days and warmer weather was here. He listened to our arguments and finally held up a hand. "Take these", he said, tossing a couple of copies of the West Coast DX Bulletin at us, "and tell me what names or calls you recognize." Those copies were dated back in the 1970's and after a bit we both had to admit that we recognized very little.

For sure, only the name was familiar of whom we had not heard much lately. The QRPer claimed to recognize one 1X3 call who he insisted had since upgraded to a 1X2 call, but the rest eluded him. "DX always is a changing season," the Old Timer said, "and nothing stands still. The DX and DXers of today will be mostly forgotten in five years or so and many will be clamoring for Clipperton." The QRPer thought this over for a bit but was not convinced. "Why do we chase DX if it is not going to mean anything?" he asked. "I thought that if I can make it to the Honor Roll they would remember me forever." This had the Old Timer shaking his head. "You chase posterity and it will elude you. All the marble monuments in the cemeteries should prove that to you. Chase DX for enjoyment and the pleasures of friendship and that will be yours forever."

Later the QRPer told us: "Sometimes I don't understand the Old Timer and what he says. Do you?" We had to admit that often we felt we were on the periphery of understanding when it came to the Old Timer but that did not bother us for there was much in this world we did not understand. But DX we did, for that was a joy! Still, we had to admit that even true blue DXers sometimes have trouble understanding the Old Timer, but more so in understanding the QRPers. That's why DXers have furrowed brows . . .

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