DX Stories by Paul M. Dunphy, VE1DX


One of the local QRPers dropped by the other day, and told of what he had read on the local PacketCluster message base. "One of the fellows is awfully uptight over us guys with dipoles and 100 watts using these special Canadian prefixes we get from time to time. Said we even check into DX nets and tie things up because the WPX hunters keep getting on the list to work us instead of the DX check-ins. His message said we were confusing the DX community because they thought we were Vietnam or Cambodia or the like. Said we were two-bit DXers. Said we should stick to the CW traffic nets!". The QRPer paused, and when we offered no opinion, he finally asked: "What do you think of his argument?"

We had to think this one over for a moment. "Does this Big Gun who was complaining check into the DX nets?", we asked. "Heck no," the QRPer replied, "he got everything worked. Got DXCC on every band too . . . why he's even got his 6-metre DXCC!" "He's got two of those full-bore linears that they warn you not to tune up in certain ways or you will electrocute anything within five feet! And he's got monobanders for every band too. He'd never be caught on a DX net." We were thoroughly confused now. "Why would he care if you get on a DX list and let some of the WPX types work you?" The QRPer looked at us helplessly. "That's what I can't understand. It's not like I'm working DX out from under his feet." Son of a Gun! What could we do in a situation like this except haul the QRPer up the hill to the Old Timer.

We sat quietly as the QRPer repeated the entire story to the Old Timer, this time with a bit more indignation. The Old Timer was silent for a few moments. "Does this guy happen to be a WPX type himself?", the Old Timer asked, "and is he near the top of the WPX Honer Roll?" The QRPer thought for a minute and then burst out: "Say, that's right. He is! He's always on 17-metres running big pileus every time we get a special prefix. How did you know that?" The Old Timer turned back to his rig and muttered, "Some things never change." And that was all he would say. We turned to see if the QRPer had heard this. He was already out of earshot, hands in his pockets, walking slowly down the hill. We weren't sure the QRPer was ready to become one of the Enlightened Ones. So we asked the Old Timer what we should do. "Do?", the Old Timer snorted, "why nothing, of course! I'm hot on the heels of that guy who posted the WPX message. He's bad enough. I don't need any more competition from those newly minted QRPers! Now leave me alone . . . it's time for the 14.247 net."

Son of a Gun! We had thought DXCC Honor Roll was the pinnacle of achievement. We hadn't considered WPX. Just when we thought we had a grasp of the Mysteries of the Ages and an understanding of the Eternal Enigmas, we were thrown a curve! And it caught the inside corner, too! WPX IS! Only the Deserving! The Great Days of WPXing are near. Be a Believer! WPX IS!

Best Regards, Paul

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