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Hey! It's me again, and I have some more updates.
I'm adding the pictures I've scanned in, most of them are done on line paper or graph paper 'cause I did the during math class, but I liked them enough to put them on the web even though some of them are pretty bad. :P

I've blown almost all my convention money, but I still haven't been paid what people owe me. I was able to find the J-Dorama (Drama, for those who can't read katakana. >___<) Densha Otoko (Train Man) and I really like it. It has romance, comedy, anime, and lots of sad moments in it, I can't see why it wouldn't be as popular as it is. xD

Densha Otoko is about as man named Yamada Tsuyoshi, who is a very shy otaku. He lives with his parents and has never had a girlfriend, until one day when he see a beautiful woman on the train getting harassed by a drunk guy, he stops the man and saves her. He write this on the forum 2channel and gets many supporters who help him along the way with his new life.

I also submitted my Death Note game to New grounds, but apparently it's not good enough to get in. I have seen stick figures that have been motion tweened get in.

Anyways, my RP isn't go as well at it colud have. A fight broke out between two of the roleplayers about posting and it's totally exploded. I don't really feel like going back there because I don't want everyone spazing at me. I guess you could call me a coward.

I've started to do more Oekakis now, so check that out too. Hopefully, I'll be adding alot to that section this summer. Anyways, thats it for this big post, keep checking back for new stuff! :'D


w00t! It's Summer! <3
Finally, I can update and relax. I got really good scores, and for a gift my parents gave me two life drawing figures! They're really good, and have the muscles and everything!

Sadly, I have a cold. A really bad one, but that's not holding me back!
I'm really happy though, because I have $305 saved up already for a convention I'll be going to this summer, but $100 of that is American, and $50 of it goes to the Naruto DVDs I've ordered.

I've already got one flash animation done, it's like ten seconds long though. I'll have my games on here soon too, so look forward for those! Plus, I've gotten some more AMVs and doujinshi added too, so check those out, good for the mind (and everyday fangirl)! <3
I also finished all my Piano lessons (forever, I quit), gaming design, and choir too, but I'm still continuing my Japanese throughout the summer, 'cause it's fun to do, and we have more time to practice.

I have also scanned in the pile of sketchs I did in school time, that I actually liked. I have some cool doddles too. :'D
Also, Aoki Highschool (my RP) will be staring in two days! I'm so excited, and so is the other 30 people that are in it. xD

Well, thats it for this update, see you again soon!


Arrgh! Curse those stupid tests! Curse school!
I had a whole bunch of school work, making it impossible for me to put more work into this site, but luckly all the tests have finished for me... now only to get started on the project on Socrates I have...

I updated the chat & draw page with a new chat, since the chat was almost impossible to load, and I will be making the links page finally!


Hello again! I updated again today, but I am still not finishd at fixing all the small bugs, so please be paitent with me! I will be adding a page for my favorite doujinshi and AMVs. Hopefully I'll be able to show you them soon! ;D

I added a chat and draw page too, so now we can interact with everyone! ;D


Welcome to this KakashixIruka site that I, Hearts of Inu Yasha of Gaiaonline, a fan of anime and future manga-ka, have made! Of course, me forgeting my knowledge of HTML, and learning BBS code instead, had to get some help from a pre-made layout, but it has drastically changed from what it once was. n_____n~

Aren't I awesome? ;D