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Name: Hearts of Inu Yasha.
Age: The age that has two numbers in it. ;D
Family: My sister, Serial Experiemnt Lain, my mother, OkaasanS, and my father.
Pets: A female cat named Sasha.
Gender: Female.
Hobbies: Anime, Yaoi, KakaxIru, Pixel Art, Studying, Writing, Reading Manga, and Cosplaying, Drawing, Role Playing.
Location: Canada! <33
Computers: G5 mac, Windows XP, a stupid PC, a G3 mac, and a Quadra, which has Star Trek screen savers! .____.;;
Sites that I go on: Gaiaonline, Ragnarok (Niktout RO), ChipZ's Oekaki, Deviant Art (Browsing), New Grounds, and The Sims 2 site.
Video Game consoles: Super Nintendo, N64, Gameboy color, PS2.
Favorite Anime: Flame of Recca, Naruto, Suzuka, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Inu Yasha, One Piece, To Heart, R.O.D., .hack, Azumanga Daioh, Yotsubato, Paradise Kiss, Shoujo Beat manga, Legal Drug, Serial Experiment Lain, Gravitation, and so many I can't even remember them right now...
Favorite Video games: DDR (Max, Extreme, Extreme 2), Katamari, Harvest Moon, .hack, FFVII, Inu Yasha: A secret of the Cursed Mask.
Favorite male characters: L, Haku, Zabuza, Naruto, Rem, Iruka, Kakashi, Alphonse E., Recca, Domon, Luffy.
Favorite female characters: Fuko, Rukia, Misa, Suzuka, Lust, Ouka.
Favorite piarings: KakaxIru, DomonxFuko, LxRaito, RaitoxRyuuk, IchigoxRukia, ReccaxYanagi .
Favorite 'book' book: Memoirs of a Geisha.
Favorite Role plays: Romance RPs! <3
Favorite food: Sushi and bubble tea! Go Kiwi, plum, and peach!
Favorite candy: Fusen gum! -chews-
Favorite Chocolate: I hate chocolate! D:

That is the RP I am running in the summer. I'm looking forward to it! We're filled! <33