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Danube quay and Lido beach

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A view on Quay

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Railway station

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Lido beach

     Danube's riverbank stone dike was built in 1886-89, because of often floods, and later it was made higher and longer several times. On the fortified riverbank the promenada with green areas was arranged at the end of 19th century. later it was also made longer, and today it extends as far as mouth of rivers Danube and Sava. It has been one of the most favourable promenade since it was arranged. Now, there are many restaurants, taverns and some cultural and historical monuments, too.
     Dock building of Austrian shipping firm DDSG, known as "Captaincy", was built according to plans of architect Remel from Vienna, in style of postsecessionism, in 1908. It lost his original purpose after The Second World War. Later it was party remodeled, and now it houses Art galery.
     Here one can also see bust of Dimitrije davidovic. The presentation ceremony was in 1989, the year of the 140th anniversary of the first Zemun newspaper publishing.
     At the lawn near the Hotel "Yugoslavia" there is the monument dedicated to Zemun Railway Station, which took its place opposite the Monument. The station was built in 1883, and at that time it has been very important economic and traffic centre.

     On the part of Big War Island nearest to Zemun, already about 75 years exist the beach LIDO, for which the inhabitants of Zemun say that it is the most beatiful river beach in the world. The beach is sandy, with a little forest in its background, and on it there are few restaurants and other caterer objects, arranged grounds for volley-beach and other sports.

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A view on Quay

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