A Journey Unto Revelationís End:

A Search for the Apostle Paulís Lost Revelation

by Steve Santini




The studies from A Journey Unto Revelationís End are the record of a search for the apostle Paulís lost revelation. The collection in the manuscript recounts pivotal points in a quest for understanding within scripture, from history and through experience. They focus on Paulís revelation of the mystery from the Lord Jesus Christ and draw from all scripture to arrive at an understanding of how this mystery fulfills the word of God and the aspirations of mankind. The studies from the manuscript synthesize understandings from the Eastern customs of that day, Biblical Greek, Biblical astronomy and early church history. Each chapter is an individual study, as such the studies are woven into a tapestry of our hope in the one new man in Christ. In their scope, the studies from A Journey Unto Revelationís End give an insightfully fresh and provocative look into the apostle Paulís glorious revelation of the mystery. They will, in the end, challenge and inspire the thoughtful reader.

In the century after Jesus Christ had come, and Peter and Paul had preached their gospels, the vessels of the new holy temple of the Lord were hidden in a milieu of manís fear and doubtful reasoning. During the next centuries these vessels were buried in layers of religious conflict. Other vessels were now being fashioned by menís hands and they were being given the names of the former holy vessels. Those that resisted were maligned, driven from their communities, murdered and executed. Shortly afterwards the western world entered the dark ages. With increasing frequency through recent centuries, some of these holy vessels have been unearthed and people of faith have begun a reassessment of Christianityís roots.

The primary thesis of the manuscript is that there are two differing groupings in the body of Christ. They are not the more commonly considered groupings of Jew and Gentile since the apostle Paul made it clear that there was no longer differentiation between Jew and Gentile in the church of God. The two groupings are spiritual masculine and spiritual feminine. These groupings may not be presently recognized in the current church yet they were the foundation for the revelation of the mystery of Godliness in the churches that the apostle Paul founded. As stated by Paul, the basis for masculine and feminine groupings is upon the book Genesis where deity created man it their image as both male and female. This Godhead includes God the Father, the feminine Holy Spirit and their offspring, Christ. The groupings of spiritual masculine and spiritual feminine in the body of Christ as spiritual sons and daughters comprise the body of Christ and will again be the foundation in the coming manifestation of the mystery of Godliness where upon the power of their perfect union will finally be accomplished.





Compiled by Steve Santini

September 29, 2009

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A Journey Unto Revelationís End






Why Paulís Gospel?

Some Answers

The Basis

That Prophet

Considerations on Paul as ďThat ProphetĒ Promised by Moses unto Israel

Two Gospels

A Basis for Understanding Christian Maturation and Union

From Faith to Faith

Noah to Abraham

The Transition


Hebrews: The Book of Transition Into Paradise

The Acceptable Year (New 9/2006)

Considerations on the Spuriousness of the Book of Revelation Contrasts Between Paulís Gospel and That of the Author of Revelation

A ďHeads UpĒ On Things to Come

The Transition Unto Paradise

The Sufferings and Glory

The Forty-Year Bookends of This Present Age

The Appointed Times for the Salvation of All Men

The Sequences of End Timesí Truth According to the Apostle Paul

The Mark of the Cross

2004ís Spring Signs for the Transformation of the Saints Leading unto the Regeneration of the Faithful in Christ Jesus

The Hope


The Feminine Gender of the Holy Spirit

An Orthodox Revision?

An Eastern Wedding Feast

Symbols of Restorative Union in the Eastern Betrothal Contract and Wedding Ceremony

The Power of God

The Cross of Consummate Love

Righteousness: The Synergism of Masculine and Feminine

Faith in and Hope for Righteousness Revealed

Faith and the Gift from the Holy Spirit

Waiting in Faith for the Appointed Time

The Apostle Paul's Great Mystery of Christ Revealed

The Spiritually Masculine Saints and the Spiritually Feminine Faithful in Christ Jesus in Union

The Great Mystery

Ages Long Existent or Nonexistent?

The Twelve of Matthew and the Seventy of Luke

A Foretaste of the Manifestation of the Saints

Tishri & Passover in the Acceptable Year

The Eschatology of the Prophets

Choose Life

Summary Consideration

Practical Applications

The Prayers from the Apostle Paul

The Most Effective Prayers of and for the Church Today

Women in the Pauline Churches Ė An Answer

Figures or Facts or Both?

Sealed for Redemption

The Token Gift for Inheritance from the Holy Spirit Ė the Language of Praise for Entrance into the New Age


On Observing the Celestials

Considering Jesusí Words

On the Plethora of Comets between 1995 and 2007

The Gathering Together of Eagles? (Updated 1/07)

Its a Wonderful Sign

Comet 17/P Holmes (New 12/07)

Sagittarius, Jupiter, Nunki and the Moon during Elul 2008

The Beginning?

Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon Mass in Sagittarius on December 1, 2008

†††††††† The Astronomical Event of the Year

The 2006 Passover Lunar Occultation of Spica

A Sign of Things to Come? (New 3/06)

The Sign of Pisces and Comet Bradfield

The Knot Tied

The Celestial Signs of 2002ís Spring

Taurus: The Sign of Joseph Highlighted

What is Going On?

Resurrection Auroras

Other Studies

Fallaciousness in the Doctrine of the Rapture

John Darbyís Dilemma (New 11/06)

Purification By Fire

Watching and Waiting and Warning (New 7/06)


14 Scriptural Proposals



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