Not long ago, my buddy Mike turned me on to these. Little did he know that he created a monster. Among the collection of other artists' GIFs I've been playing with, I have made a few of my own just for fun. All those below are my creations and you have my full permission to use them on non-commercial webpages, etc. Home Trains


Bessemer & Lake Erie 2-10-4 Texas type steam locomotive. One still exists in the hands of a private collector and is stored in McKees Rocks, PA. Thanks to Dan MacKellar for the use of his CRI&P 4-8-4.

These are two sets of Bessemer & Lake Erie EMD F7s, created at the behest of Mike-as was all the other B&LE equipment here. Thanks to Dan MacKellar for the use of his D&RGW F7 set.

B&LE SD7s.

B&LE SD9s.

B&LE SD18s.


B&LE SD38-2s.

B&LE SW1500s. Two of these came from the Union, four from Conrail.

B&LE ALCo RSD15s. These engines came from the Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range.

B&LE ALCo S4s.

B&LE Baldwin DRS-6-6-15s.

Loaded and empty versions of a B&LE three-bay hopper car.

A B&LE four-bay hopper.

Older B&LE hopper cars, originally Rock Island.

B&LE 70-ton USRA hoppers.

B&LE covered hopper.

Bessemer & Lake Erie ballast cars.

A B&LE flatcar.

B&LE scrap gondola.

B&LE steel coil gondola.

B&LE hooded steel coil car.

A B&LE caboose.

United States Steel also owned a number of F7 locomotives, some of which were purchased from the B&LE.

Pennsylvania Railroad SD35s.

Central of New Jersey SD35s.

Atlantic Coast Line SD35s.

Wheeling & Lake Erie SD45s.

Frisco SD45s.

Clinchfield SD45-2s.

Carolina Piedmont GP20.

Carolina Piedmont GP9.

Carolina Piedmont GP8.

Allegheny Valley Railroad GP10s.

AVR GP11s.

AVR SD40-3s, expected to arrive in late 2006 or early 2007 from Kansas City Southern.

An AVR SD40U, also coming from KCS.

Union Pacific GP9s. Lots and lots of UP Geep 9s.

Union Pacific GP20s.

Union Pacific GP30s.

Union Pacific SD24s.

A Union Railroad caboose.

A Pittsburgh & Lake Erie caboose.

A Wheeling & Lake Erie caboose.

Pennsylvania Railroad N8 caboose.

Dardanelle & Russelville ALCo S1 #18.

Arkansas & Missouri ALCo T6.

Pittsburgh & Lake Erie SW1500s.

Seminole Gulf C424.

Conrail F7A 1648, the only one to make it into Conrail blue paint. Later renumbered to 1792.

In the 80's, Pittsburgh's Port Authority Transit operated a suburban commuter service known as PATrain. These are two of the rebuilt F10 locomotives used to run the trains.

Two of the coaches used for the PATrains.

On the other end of the train from the locomotive, there was a cab control car. This was used to run the train when the engine was at the rear. This way, the train could reverse direction without making time-consuming turnaround moves-hence the nickname 'push-pull' trains.

A Delaware & Hudson coach.

* Please go to the GIF section at Frograil for freight equipment shown here but not made by me.