Out of the Mists of the Past The Kenora Thistles: 1907 Stanley Cup Champions


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  • Total Hockey I and II (1998, 2000)
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  • Putting a Roof on Winter by Michael McKinley (2000)
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  • Deceptions and Doublecross by Morey Holzman and Joseph Neiforth (2002)
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  • Dr. Ron Lappage
    (Dr. Lappage is the author of a comprehensive 1987 research
    paper: The Kenora Thistles' Stanley Cup Trail)
  • Eric Zweig
  • Eugene Karolinsky
  • Ancestors of Roxy Beaudro, Fred Dulmage, Fred Hudson, and Harry Westwick (Thank you all for your help and support)

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  • Another Spin of the Wheel (A Buffalo Sabres What if?) (PDF format)
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    (NHL expansion and decline, the 1930's and present day)
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