Greetings, weary traveller! .I am the Lordess Kip and I welcome you to my realm. I trust you will enjoy your stay here and, perhaps, become a regular visitor. Please feel free to wander the realm at will. There is much to explore here, so why not grab a refreshing ale before you begin your journey.

















"Before you wander through the realm, feel free to stop by the castle. Here you can gain a greater insight into the people and places of the realm and also learn a little of the history of Cyrillia. My friends and I would be honoured if you joined us in the Great Hall, where we will tell you more about ourselves!"





Enter the Castle to visit The Great Hall, the Study, Kitchen, Armoury and Dungeon







Meet the creatures of the Realm - Unicorns, Dragons, Gryphons, Wolves and more!










Upon a table in the hallway lies a well used book. leafing through it, you read the names of other travellers whom have journeyed to Cyrillia. There is a quill nearby for you to add your name. Please do. Kip loves to turn up on the doorstep of her visitors' homes!



If you have any problems, suggestions or just wish to chat, scribble a note (please make it illegible if you have a complaint!*g*) and give it to Lupis below. He'll see that it's passed on.





"Unfortunately my quill sometimes refuses to work on my old guestbook, so I decided to get a new one. But I've kept my old one as it does work occasionally! You can sign either one!"


Guestbook by The Site Fights


My old guestbook - if it's in a working mood, feel free to sign it!
people and other various creatures have trampsed the hallways of my home















For this site, Kip has endeavoured to use her own graphics and ones found on the public domain. Although partial to violence against Orcs, monsters and amorous drunken one-eyed barbarians, she has no intention of deliberately infringing copyright. If your graphic does happen to be here and permission has not been obtained to use it, E-mail her with details and the offending graphic will be severely spanked and removed.







Many thanks to my husband, who's snoring kept me awake at night so I could work on this site.





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Thankyou Marcia for this very special gift. ((Hugs)) to you!







Please take the time to stop by Marcia's wonderful home at Mystical Disney and Fun. It's well worth a visit!