interview conducted by jack and sex bomb. from a zine.

J&SB: GG Allin, how have you been?

GG: Pretty shitty actually.

Disappointments: We caught colds in San Francisco.

GG: We are running from the posse.

J&SB: Who are The Disappointments?

GG: Explain yourselves.

Disappointments: We are The Disappointments. We were that before we met GG, now we're worse. We have a singer named Elvis Roy, and we go out and do a twenty eight song set for about fourteen minutes.

J&SB: Where are you from?

Disappointments: Detroit Michigan.

J&SB: The Motor Fucking City. How is it going? Is GG killing them, knocking them dead?

Disappointments: Yeah.

J&SB: Hitting people in the head with microphone stands?

GG: Hitting people in the head ain't the word for it.

Disappointments: We had the pissy, pussy, posse after us. There is a posse looking for us in every town.

J&SB: What is it like touring with GG?

Disappointments: You gotta learn how to not let in people who are gonna give you shit. I'm at the door, anyone who ain't gonna pay me five bucks is gonna come after me with a posse. Usually I do the door, the scene is loose. Everybody thinks they deserve to get in free.

J&SB: What's the sickest thing you did on tour?

GG: We burned a girl, we cut her up and set her on fire. The posse came and we left town. That was after the first warrant was issued. I had been arrested twice after that in Ann Arbor.

Disappointments: He maced a girl in Michigan.

GG: I maced a girl in Michigan. I kicked her in the head, fucking bitch, and if I had to do it again, I would. Bitch, bitch, bitch.

J&SB: So is this what this tour is made up of, terrorizing females?

GG: No, men too. We punch guys. I hit one guy with a microphone stand.

Disappointments: Bob saved his life, you were gonna pound him in the back of the head with the microphone stand and he caught it. You would have crushed his head like a melon.

J&SB: Do you usually do that to people who deserve it or do you do it at random?

GG: Anybody.

Disappointments: The ones who provoke it get the worst.

GG: It's a war.

J&SB: How come you never worry about getting hurt, or busted up, or fucked up?

GG: I'm indestructible.

J&SB: Is it true that you are gonna kill yourself at some show?

GG: It's true.

Disappointments: Wait a minute, we haven't heard about this yet.

J&SB: Is there a date?

GG: October 31, 1990.

J&SB: Why that day?

GG: It seemed like a dark day, I don't know why. Do people take a shit because they have to make a decision to do it? I'm going to do it, I don't know why.

J&SB: Do you have any favorite bands?

GG: No.

J&SB: Who are The Disappointments?

Disappointments: T. Rick, B. Paingle, Elvis Roy and Mark.

GG: A bunch of homos.

J&SB: What's your favorite drug?

GG: What do you got? We are starving in a little fucking truck. Fucking overrated bands like Sonic Youth get $3,000 a night, living in luxury.

J&SB: What bands have you played with on this tour?

GG: What fucking band is gonna play with us? Who's gonna upstage us? Who's gonna wanna play with us? We'll kick the shit out of them.

J&SB: Do you have any dumpster dive stories? Any garbage can stories?

GG: Well, I've slept in a garbage can, one of those dumpsters. I had sex with myself, I can't get a girl to come with me.

J&SB: Well we're at the end of the interview, got any last words?

GG: I don't have anything to say to anybody.

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