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New Online! BARBARIANS: the disordered insurgence by Crisso and Odoteo
A translation of the Italian critique of Hardt and Negri's Empire.
"The Empire seems to have less and less need for the poor it produces, left to rot by the millions in the reserves of the mercantile paradise. On the other hand, the plebeians could become dangerous as a horde of barbarians – and descend from the hills to the city, but with the worst intentions. For the restless and unreasonable exploited, the mediation of the managers might be as hateful as the powers in office and as ineffective as a lesson in public spirit made to one who already has his feet on the table. Police, even in white overalls, might not be enough."

NEW AS OF JULY 2004: Willful Disobedience Vol. 4 No. 3-4 now online

Killing King Abacus No. 2

Summer 2001

Clear his accounts!

Here we give you another of our yearly jigsaw puzzles without edges or end and whose pieces are not set in stone. The present social order reproduces measured relations and necrophilic logics through its institutions and mechanisms, its money, science, schools, police, work, consumed leisure.... To Kill King Abacus is to create relations without measure, relations of affinity produced in struggle to destroy the state and capital, to destroy our separation from the conditions of our existence. As rebellion and mutiny spread, the passive attitude begins to be transformed into its opposite, the process itself becomes uncontrollable. And it is only through uncontrollable struggle that social order disintegrates, and a true rupture can take place. For this we need both fire and ideas.

This isn't a politics, a claim on alienated power. We offer our ideas for discussion and hope to get replies, the most interesting of which will be printed in the next Hot Tide Discussion Bulletin with our comments. For this reason, in this issue we begin with a Notes and Comment section with briefer articles not intended to be the last word on a subject, but our thoughts on how to move forward with this project of freeing ourselves from our present conditions of enslavement and creating free relations without measure. We hope to hear from you....

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*******The new address for Killing King Abacus is: KKA Publications, PO BOX 993, SANTA CRUZ CA 95061*********

Notes and Comments Section:

Notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism
"Insurrectionary anarchism is not an ideological solution to all social problems, a commodity on the capitalist market of ideologies and opinions, but an on-going praxis aimed at putting an end to the domination of the state and the continuance of capitalism, which requires analysis and discussion to advance...."
A Few Notes on Alienation
"A whole series of alienations has spread to separate us from all that surrounds us; social alienations, so commented upon by anarchists and Marxists alike, include private property, exchange, and the division of labor: all that separates us from our conditions of existence. "
Notes Toward a New Analysis of the Institutions of Domination
"As recently as 65 years ago, it was common to find analyses in anarchist literature of the institutions in which the various forms of domination were manifested. If one wrote of the oppression of women, the family and marriage would be examined and exposed..... "
Civilization and History: A Comment on John Conner's The Rise of the West
"Much of the more recent primitivist and anti-civilization writings have taken a very idealist turn, holding up "Reason" and "Progress" as the root of our present condition and, often, motors of history. Thus the Enlightenment comes to be largely responsible for our predicament...."
Parody and Subversion: Notes on Roles
"Roles are the repetitive performance of a particular set of power relations..."
Activism and Anarcho-Purism
"If our tactics and strategies are truly to be “based on our circumstances [the capitalist social relations we are enmeshed within] and our objectives”-for anarchists, presumably, the ending of capitalism and the state, not just some general idea of social change-we should be especially critical of tools, tactics and strategies that contradict these objectives, that lead us in a different direction, or that reproduce the very thing we are trying to eliminate from society...."
Unmasked Simulations in White Overalls by Sandra K. from Umanita Nova
Never Cry Wolf
"The nature of revolutionary solidarity lies in recognizing one's own struggle in the struggle of others, in the actions they choose to take, the risks they confront in their battle against the social order...."


Brittle Utopias
"Some dreams are supple and resonate with the ever renewed present, others become fossilized, they are so dry and brittle that they crack and shatter to when they try to move from the dream into reality..."
At the Center of the Volcano
"Although put to a difficult test by the multiple catastrophes that weigh upon humanity, the deep seated conviction that all History has developed following a progressive route that is more or less constant if not really regular endures in its mind...."
The End of the World by Mare Almani translated from Diavolo in Corpo
"There is no need to look any further than this for the reason behind the increasing disinsterest in the face of great utopias since 1945: the atomic reality--with its wastes that lose their radioactivity only after hundreds of thousands of years--has not only deprived us of the possibility of negating the existent, but has also deprived us of the possibility of creating it positively..."
We Go On
by Albert Libertad
"Those that envision the goal from the first steps, those that want the certitude of reaching it before walking never arrive...."

The Anarchist Ethic in the Age of the Anti-Globalization Movement
"The Ethic of desire, which remains fundamental to the movement of the excluded, is antagonistic to the constituted social order that separates the multitude from its conditions of existence; and, it is out of this antagonism that anarchist practice--as immanent to the movement of the excluded multitudes--grows. Just as self-valorization becomes an ethical practice for the excluded, informal organization, in struggle against capital and the state, becomes an ethical practice for anarchists: both create social relations beyond measure..."

Where Do We Meet Face to Face
"Alienation is not a psychological disorder, an inability on the part of certain individuals to adjust to a basically healthy society..."
Alienation, Marvelous Pursuits and the New Nomadic Sciences
"As I sit in this corporate owned cafe, there are three cell phone conversations going on at once--the buzz of stressful leisure is in the air: life is so complex these days but at the same time its just too easy. Convenience is killing adventure..."
A Balanced Account of the World: A Critical Look at the Scientific World View
"The origin of modern science in the 16th and 17th centuries corresponds with the origins of modern capitalism and the industrial system. From the beginning, the worldview and methods of science have fit in perfectly with the need of the capitalist social system to dominate nature and the vast majority of human beings..."
Money and Logos
by M.D.P. translated from Diavolo and Corpo
"Is there a relationship between the birth of the rational mentality and the development of the commercial economy?"
The Ferocious Jaws of Habit
by Mare Almani translated from Diavolo in Corpo
"I see Empedocles walking away from Agrigento. Saluting the inhabitants with his unmistakable wave, he sets out toward the summit of Etna..."
CHINA: Capitalist Discipline and Rising Protests
"China has gone through enormous changes over the last twenty years. And while it is certainly part of a single, global regime of value--and, thus, subject to capitalism's diciplinary regimes--it is not on the path that leads to the U.S. model. All state-capital relations are hybrid systems; there is no set path or most advanced form towards which all others tend. Each existing form takes up a place within the global regime of value and competes within that regime...."

Killing King Abacus No. 1

Spring 2000

To Kill King Abacus is to create relations without measure. If we aim to destroy capitalism we cannot reproduce its necrophilic logic which reduces relationships to numbers. To Kill King Abacus is to destroy the social net which privileges mediated transactions and images over direct relations. Because money is a general equivalent and thus is nearly limitless in its applications, it conquers other signifiers of value; capitalism transforms other value systems into itself. To Kill King Abacus is to disrupt this process of quantification. Money may be the most indiscriminate of whores but capitalism is not the only system which measures value. Justice, morality, law and culture itself are all value systems which weigh, judge and channel human action. We want to create relations which defy such equations. We therefore have no need for standardizing models within our struggle. In the absence of value systems desire shoots in new directions. Insurrection is desire rebelling against value.



Anarchists and Action by Alfredo Bonanno, Elves and Lit up signs, and ELF communiques
Excerpts from Nikos Mazotis' Court Statement
Acme Communique: by a section of the Black Block in Seattle

To choose to be an anarchist is to choose to create one’s life in a certain direction. It is the development of a projectuality toward freedom, self-determination, the expansion of possibilities. Such a projectuality develops itself in action, but not the action of the activist, the politician, but action that flows from one’s life and back into it. What distinguishes the anarchist revolutionary from a political activist is " the way in which the person, the comrade who carries out these actions, succeeds in making them an expressive moment of their lives, a specific characterization, meaningfulness, quality of life, joy, desire, beauty." What is absent from the actions of those who start and end with their own life, their own individuality, their own projectuality is calculation, the quantitative point of view, because it is a quality of life toward which the anarchist projects, a fullness of life opposed to the flattening this society imposes. If our solidarity with certain actions is critical, it is because we can see calculation creeping in. If we reject all cooperation with the media, it is because this power structure forces those who choose to participate in its activity to measure their words, draining them of substance, of energy of the force that refuses all compromise. Our actions create our lives and relations; for a life without measure, we must act without measure.

Caught in the Web of Deception: Anarchists and the Media
On Behalf of the Barbarians by Bleu Marin, translated from Diavolo in Corpo

"Civilization finishes when the barbarians flee."

Against War and Pacifist Bliss
Kula Shells and Zombies: Notes on Value
Enter Enter from Diavolo in Corpo

"To have the devil in the body. Here is an expression that has forunately survived from its medieval origins. The last witch burned on the pyre of the inquisition, the devil has continued to creep into the body of human beings to shake them from the torpor of their existence...."


"Drowning...A death in which one is completely overcome by a natural force too great for one to fight...But what deaths involve such a force?"

Necrophilic Logics and the Revolt of the Imagination
Civilization and the Creative Urge
From Thought into the Unknown

about alienation, the utopain imagination and the "primitive"

The Persistent Refusal of Paradise by Penelope Nin
Freedom and Obsession, both by Albert Libertad
Fixed Abodes

(about confinement and sedentization, from the Apache to the Prison Industrial Complex)

In the Distance: Suburbs against the Barricades
The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism among Anarchists: A review of Hakim Bey's Millenium
Capitalism at the Crossroads and the opportunity of the Yugoslav crisis

(about the war in Kosovo)

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Hot Tide Anti-Authoritarian/Anti-Capitalist Analysis Page This page includes Hot Tide Discussion Bulletin and reprinted articles about global capitalism and the struggles against it in particular places and situations throughout the world. issue 3 of Hot Tide online!****

Pagina Exceso: contra esta sociedad que produce la escasez.

con traducciones de la pagina Killing King Abacus en espanol y portugues

Neither Their War, Nor Their Peace

As anarchists, we must show that we are against the state’s war, as we are against its peace. The state and capital use peace and war in varying degrees and mixtures to maintain and expand their control over us, over the entire globe. Clearly, the US government is making use of the current situation to deepen its control of dissent here and abroad. The group which carried out the attacks on Sept. 11th is most likely authoritarian, and our struggle has nothing in common with theirs, just as it has nothing in common with the state’s war that is likely to soon unleash its power. In a climate of war, we must continue to challenge the reign of state and capitalist control.

Bellow are a few statements, mostly from anarchists, on the events of Sept. 11th.
Neither their War nor their Peace
ACTS OF TERRORISM, ACTS OF WAR --from Willful Disobedience.
Against All Terrorism and Media Lies ---from Black Star North.
A Statement from the Praska Anarchist Group
The Alarm! ---a local news paper from Santa Cruz. Special issue on Sept. 11th.
A Note Of Anger ---from Against Sleep And Nightmare.
The Anti-Globalization Movement After 9/11, by George Caffentzis, Midnight Notes Collective.
Stop the War Page ---from worker's solidarity
Against War and Pacifist Bliss ---from Neither Their War, Nor Their Peace. Reprinted in Killing King Abacus #1.
S11 Truth and Consequences: radical perspectives on September 11 by Solidarity-Arm the Spirit--check out this pamphlet for historical background on US-Afghani relations and commentary on the war and anti-terrorism legistation. Especially useful are: Afghanistan 1979-1992: America's Jihad by William Blum, Osama Bin Laden: How the US Helped Midwife a Terrorist by Ahmed Rashid, and an Analysis of the Provisions of the Anti-Terrorism Act by EPIC.

Other Articles:

Letter from Nikos Mazotis: January 2001
ELF communique: GOP Headquarters Torched, Bloomington, Indiana An anonymous flyer from Portland, OR. about the torching of 23 cop cars: June 3, 2000
Anger at the State: Observations of the Turkish Quake
Smashing the Clocks of Domination, about protests against the 500 years celebrations in Brazil

Don't ask permission to live! A flyer about found in Santa Cruz
A Message to the Elves of the night
The Housing Crisis is a Burning Question in San Francisco

When Insurrections Die, by Gilles Dauve (aka Jean Barrot) --This text comes from Collective Action Notes.

Venomous Butterfly Publications Page on the KKA web site.
Includes articles from Willful Disobedience, articles by Feral Faun and articles from Venomous Butterfly Publications. Willful Disobedience VOL. 4 NO. 3-4 online AS OF JULY 2004!****

Check out Black Star North, now online.
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