Timothy B. Schmit Keep On Tryin' Fan Page

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Timothy B. Schmit Keep On Tryin' Fan Page

Photo by Henry Diltz/Corbis website

"I feel real blessed. I've never done anything but what I love to do to make money. I've never been a bus boy or a waiter, just a musician." Timothy B. Schmit-Rolling Stone Nov 29, 1979

This website is about my favorite singer/songwriter/musician, Timothy B. Schmit. Timothy has been a member of the New Breed, Glad, Poco and currently, the Eagles. He has also toured with people such as Jimmy Buffett, Dan Fogelberg, and Ringo Starr's All Starr Band, as well as having sung backup on close to 150 albums by various artists. This website has information from the start of Timothy's career until 2001. For information from 2001 to the present please see my FEED THE FIRE website.


NEWS-April 21, 2009 - Great Billboard article about Timothy's upcoming CD. Link is on the FEED THE FIRE site.



NEW - Poco photos from 1976

NEWS - Released in 2007 - "The New Breed Wants You! contains 24 tracks from 1965-1968, including all their 45 sides, unreleased material from aborted single and album projects, and several cuts by the combo's latterday incarnation Glad. As an added bonus, there are three video segments including footage of the band miming on an L.A. pop show in 1967, and a 1-1/2 minute clip of The New Breed playing Public Nuisance in a game of volleyball! The package's deluxe 28-page booklet is crammed with mostly unseen pix, many in color, plus a definitive New Breed history by NorCal '60's expert Alec Palao. Any fan of quality mid-'60s teenaged rock'n'roll will want to snap up The New Breed Wants You!" (from 60sgaragebands.com)

Ordering information: Price: $20 postpaid worldwide E-Mail/PayPal address: barbarousrelics@sbcglobal.net Payment address for checks and money orders: Jade Hubertz 111 North Sheridan Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46219-6123 USA


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Jeddrah Timothy's daughter Jeddrah is a singer/songwriter/musician. You can order  her cd at this website. Timothy is the executive producer of the cd and also sings backup on some songs.
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Robbin Thompson Check out singer songwriter Robbin Thompson's website. Timothy has sung on many of Robbin's albums, including his latest cd.


Photos from Timothy's appearance at Tower Records in Brea, California

Transcript of Timothy's appearance on Rockline, April 25, 2001

Review of Feed The Fire from Country Music International

Press release and Billboard article on Feed The Fire.


This includes the press kits for Timothy's first 3 solo albums, 3 Eagles albums and several Poco albums.


Information on Timothy's pre Poco career with the New Breed.

NEW 8/2/2008 - 3 pages of New Breed Photos.


This is a brief history of Timothy's time with Poco including photos and album reviews. (7 pages)

Article on Poco from the book Rock People.

Interview with Poco from Rock Spectacular

Interview from 1974 from Scene Magazine from Cleveland Ohio

Omaha Rainbow 1975 Poco article/interview

Article from LA Free Press Oct 1975

Picture sleeves Page 1

Picture sleeves Page 2

1976 interview from Guitar Player magazine.

Interview from Sounds Magazine , 10/23/1976.

Poco UK Tourbook from 1976

Interview about the Indian Summer album from Crawdaddy magazine.

Three pages of Poco photos


Photos of the 1999-2000 New Years Eve concert, taken from the CNN video and the box set commercial.

Eagles picture sleeves

Photos from the 1978-80 timeframe.

Photos from the Hell Freezes Over Tour by Tina Fultz

Photos from the concert at Mandalay Bay , 1999

Info on the Democratic Fundraiser that Timothy took part in on September 14, 2000.


Playin It Cool article/interview

Picturesleeves from Timothy's solo singles.

These are still shots from Timothy's Was It Just The Moonlight video.

These are still shots from Jimmy Buffett's Live By The Bay video from when Timothy was in the Coral Reefers Band.

Photos from 1986 when Timothy performed with Warren Zevon

Rockline interview from 1987

Classic Call radio interview from 1987

Photos of Timothy with Ringo Starr from the Live at Montreaux video and the Arsenio Hall show.

Two pages of misc photos of Timothy.

Some of my favorite photos from the Corbis website.

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