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Power Axis Co.,LTD. is  a manufacturer & trader of electric pulg,adapter
and wall outlet(socket) in Korea.

There are various types of electric plug,adapter and outlet in the world.
So the export companies(exportor) should handle various types of plug,
adapter and outlet of all countries.

When we travel other country,there are many difficults in using (portable)
electric and electronic appliances.

Our products can be used regardless of types in any other country of the world.

We have global standard models and provide order-made products by request
of customers.

We will do research and development constantly for new?products to satisfy
customer's needs.
We will delight our customers with innovative,high quality,cost-effective
products and work with our customers to establish winning conditions.

If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.
And if you want to know further informations, please contact us right now.

We do whole our best for you.

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President       Jin-Young   Choi

Spirit of Management

   Hi-Speed Response of Customer's Needs

   Hi-Quality of Products and Service

   Creat Value of Enviroment and Economic for Our all Customers

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