John Lennon God
beatles Love me do  I found out
From me to you lloveis
I want to hold your hand I look at me
She love you Magine
A hard day's night I ohmy love
Can't buy me love I Remember
We can work it out I watching01 
Help 9_Dream
Ticket to ride Beautifu
Yesterday Coldturkey
Norwegian wood Jappyxma
Michelle Jlusghds
Eleaner rig by karma
Yellow submarine Oveis
A day in the life Mindgames
Strawberry fields forever Mother
All you need is love Power2people
Ob_la_di. ob_la_da Woman
Come together Workingclasshero
Get back
Hey jude
The long and winding road

Led Zepplin

Let it be Babe i'm gonna leave you
Black dog
Celebration day Communication break down.
canon.mid Dazed confused
can't falling in love.mid D'yer mak'er
Chariots of fire.mid Good time bad times
cinema.mid Heartbreaker
don't cry for Heyhey what can i do
Houses oft he holy
I'm gonna crawl
Eagles Hotel california In the light
I can't tell you why kashmir
Best of my love Lemonsong
Desperado Misty mountain hop
Toquila sunrise Moby dick
Nobody's fault but mine
Paradise Ainsong
Rock and roll
Since i've been loving you


Bohemian rhapsody Song remains the same.
I want to break free Stair to heaven
We are the champions Angerine
We will rock you The battle of evermore
Love on my life The immigrant song
Sombody to love The Wanton Song
Another one bites the dust Trampled Under Foot
Crazy little thing called love What is and What should never be
Radio gaga When the levee breaks
God save the Queen Whole lotta love
Your time is gonna come
Pink floyd another brick in the wall GoingtoCalifornia
AstronomyDomine Mytimeof dying
AtomHeartMotherSuite Nodoubt Don'tspeak
Breathe Excuse me mr
CarefulWithThatAxe-Eugene Heyyou
Echoes Justagirl
HighHopes Spiderwebs
Gun'n'roses Don't You Cry
you could be mine
Eric clapton Layla
let it grow
tears in heaven
 Wonderful tonight.