Name:  Lee Hyung Chol
Birth Date:  2/19/1971
Birth Place:  Seoul
Marital Status:  Single
Blood Type: A
Height:  183 cm
Weight: 75kg
Shoe Size: 275mm
Hobbies:  Snowboarding, Basketball, all sports
Acting Debut:  1995 Super Talent Contest
Education:  College degree in Computers
If he didn't become an Actor, he would have pursued a career in Computers.
Favorite Color:  Any dark color
Clothing Style:  Casual
Favorite Style of Woman:  ANNETTE BENNING
Favorite Food:  all
Religion: Catholic
Nick name:  Frog Eyes (because he has big eyes)
     Dog Dish (because he eats anything)
Favorite Music:  Soft Pop music
KBS DRAMA - Kae Sung Shedae (1995)
KBS MINI SERIES - Shin Ko Hamnida(1996)
MBC DRAMA - Sarang Han Da Myun(1996)
MOVIE - Last Defense (1997)
SBS DRAMA - Partner(1998)
SBS SITCOM - Don.Com(2000)
KBS MINI SERIES - I like her(2000)
KBS MINI SERIES - Snow Flower(2000)
KBS DRAMA - Mae Wha Yun Ga(2001)
----- Best Scenes ------------

Sarong Hal Su Rok

Woman & Man


Shin Ko Hamnida


When he was 16 he moved to America with his family.  He went to college in America living a normal life and had a dream of becoming an actor.  He had always wanted to be an actor since his childhood.  So he decided to return to Korea to pursue his dream of becoming an actor.   

The Beginning Struggle:

In 1995 the super talent contest he won an award which began his acting career.  He did some drama series where he portrayed his acting ability. He tried his best but in the acting community he was just another hopeful.  He worked very hard but the competition was great and he was afforded little opportunity to showcase his ability.  This unfortunately, meant that he was not discovered right away and had to struggle for many years.  He even quit acting for a time until he gained enough confidence to try again.  He even thought about returning to America. 

Overnight Stardom:

He then had a part in a drama which became his climb to stardom called Maewhayunga.  This as it turned out was the opportunity of a lifetime.  Upon the release of this series, he was discovered and his immense fan base began growing at a very rapid pace.  The ratings of this series was very high and very popular throughout Korea. He impressed many people with his acting talents and is well renowned throughout Korea as being a gifted actor.  This series single-handedly proved that he was for real and that he was a great actor.  That drama was the one that hooked me and hence became one of his biggest fans.  I still remember watching him and it still gives me Goosebumps thinking about how moved I was by his acting ability.  His charisma is contagious and affects people from all walks of life.  I wish him all the best and hope that his career is long and prosperous.

Mr. Lee - The Person:

Even though I never met him, I believe him to be very down to earth, caring and compassionate.  My feelings are reinforced in some of his writings and first hand encounters with his fans.  The one thing that really impresses me is that he does not act like he is too good for regular people.  He hasn't let fame go to his head.....


 The reason I made a web page about Mr. Lee because I was so impressed with his acting ability. I want everyone to know about him and his great acting talent. I wanted to make sure that both Korean and English speaking people could access my site and understand why I think so highly of him. You already know that I admire his acting ability but I also like him as an individual.^^  He is a very caring person and is down to earth. He takes time for his fans and is always respectful of them. He is always trying to improve his acting skills so the he can become the best. This is not because he wants the glory but instead because of his love for acting. I like him as an actor and as a person and I hope that I can show everyone why.

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