Kroesen name in Great Britain

Great BritainThe name Kroesen is also found in Great Britain. I have had recently had contact with Sharon Mc Lean from the UK who along with her Uncle Jeff Osborne are researching their Family Tree which has a Kroesen connection.

She has a Joseph Kroesen in her ancestors who was born in the Netherlands in about 1852.

He migrated to England in the mid 1800's with his family. They took up residence in the east end of London, Stepney Green, where they lived for the rest of their lives, (both being in their mid-nineties when they died) and they were a well respected family in the community.

Joseph was in the cigar trade which was a very active business in those days.

One daughter Julia, married William Osborn and Sharon is her Great her Great Grand daughter.

One daughter Hannah became Mrs Miller and she had a son who became a Nuclear Physicist, and took a prominent part in the early Nuclear experiments in Australia and may have settled in Australia.

His son Sam Kroesen (the only boy in the family) immigrated to America soon after WW1 and settled in the Bronx district of New York, and went into the insurance business where it is believed he did quite well.

There are still people with the name Kroesen in Great Britain and this is being researched (albeit slowly) and as information comes to hand it will be included.