K(C)roe(s)(z)e(n)'s of note

The people mentioned here are not necessarily from the same Family line as myself. They are just people with the same surname or one of the derivatives who I have come across in my research.

Lt. Cmdr. Kroese.  Commander of the Dutch destroyer "Kortenaer" which was hit amidships at 1713 hrs by a torpedo from the Japanes heavy cruiser Haguro, broke in two and sank almost immediately, losing 59 men from her crew of 171. Feb 27, 1942. Battle of the Java Sea.

Charles Kroesen ("Willy")  Served with a resistance group known as "Margriet" March 1944 - August 1945.

Ltz1 Frans Jan Kroesen  Commanded the Dutch submarine O21 from 28 Mar 1944 - 18 Oct 1945

Josephine Kroesen  Appointed as first Dutch female judge. 1955

Hans Kroesen  Commanded the Dutch submarine Tijgerhaai (2) from 8 Oct 1982 - 23 Mar 1984

General Frederick Kroesen USA Ret.  Became a Four-star General and was the Vice Chief of Staff, United States Army, prior to his retirement from the Army.

Prof. Gerardus Kroesen  Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. Prof. Kroesen's area of research is in plasma physics and plasma surface interaction.