Passion and Death, and the Rise of Creation.

ProgramEcocidio,” Radio Ser. Guadalajara, MX. Good Thursday, 1989.


Pre-recorded starting phrase: “Ecocide,” with specialists in ecological issues. We invite you to unite efforts to improve our environment. Welcome to “ecocide”.


FR – Ladies and gentlemen, good night, welcome once more to today’s broadcast of “ecocide;” today Thursday, Good Thursday. We are greeting you, inviting you to participate with us. Our phones in cabin are already available...


Tonight with us, ACC, good night.


ACC - Good night.


FR – Of course, here with us, the writer, sociologist, poet and friend, above all a good “ecocide” friend JM, good night Juan. And here with us another invited, Mr. AC who already visited us, last Thursday, exactly. Well, good night, remember our phones that we put at your disposal… Today, we have a lamentable absence, with a bit of sickness, had the flu, our collaborator, colleague, namesake and good friend, Fernando Castro, so we, cordial greeting from here wherever you are, our desire for you to get well.


So, first we are going to pass the microphone to Miss ACC.


ACC - Fine, in these days of lent it is good to remember, and also we are going to be a little bit out of the routine …


FR – It seems that we have a problem, ¿yes?, our operator, she indicates that we have a small problem with the microphone number two, if you wish, put your chair by this side, Christy, in that way we can realize of your message tonight. We are then, to go out, so to speak, of the habitual theme of “ecocide”, even if this also has a lot to do with what is “ecocide”, in one way or another. So, now I gladly give you the microphone.


ACC – We are going to talk about the passion and death and the reemerging of creation. These days, in which we hear a lot about the passion, death and resurrection of Christ Jesus, it is valid to talk also of the de and death and the reemergence of creation. It is, of the nature that surrounds us and of the cosmos in general. Its true that in the Bible we don’t have written the word “ecocide”, but there is a very poetic expression that in a sense, it could be considered as equivalent of “ecocide”, and this is that: “the creation was subjected to bondage of corruption”, and the word corruption, when we look in the dictionary it means “destruction, perdition, putrefaction, etc…”. And if we go to the roots of everything that exists, we will see Genesis, the first things we read are that The Eternal God, The Creator, in the beginning originated Heavens, the universe, and the earth, our planet, but right in the next paragraph, something somber its observed; it is read, according to the meaning and accuracy of the expression, in the next way: “and the earth became without form and void”. I want to mention at this point, that in most of the Spanish Bibles it has been translated in the next way “and the earth was without form and void”, but this translation is in some way inaccurate, because in the primitive Semitic language, in old Hebrew, there was not the Spanish expression “to be” (ser, estar), but it was the expression “became”, or simply the omission of the verb. For example, in Spanish I told Juan: You are Juan (“ eres Juan”), but in Hebrew I will tell him simply “You, John”. This is more accurate, because while somebody is still alive, or is changing for good or for bad, but never keeps himself static, we as humans are indeed able to change. Or, instead of saying “the land is gray”, it is said “the gray soil”, which is more accurate, as when you wet it, its color gets darker...


FR – Then, in verse two of Genesis, something more accurate is to translate “and the earth became without form and void”, and this translation is confirmed with the next finding, the phrase that we read “without form and void”, in Hebrew is “tohu bohu”, and one word of the same one is used in other part of the Bible, and is the one that says that The Eternal God Created, Made and Composed the earth, and He did not Created it in vain but to be inhabited He Created it”. So, in this phrase, the idea translated as “in vain”, is the same translated before as “void”, in “without form and void” from the Hebrew “tohu bohu”, then, for Scripture build-up we see that God did not created the earth “tohu bohu”, which is “without form and void”, or “in vain”. God did not created it that way, but it became that way, ¿why?, if we continue reading Genesis, we will see that since verse two there are already in action the “darkness upon the face of the abyss”, which is no more and no less than Satan’s action, the fallen archangel and his hosts of evil together with him. Summing up why Lucifer reached that position, the archangel, the cherub that was at the right side of God, and that came to be Satan, the falsifier, when he wanted to be equal to God and when he wanted to sit himself as God, in God’s throne, and when Lucifer became darkness, he carried with him in rebellion against God all his angels, one third of the angels created by God, these are the demons. The other two thirds of angels are under the service of Michael, the warrior archangel, and of Gabriel, the messenger archangel. The result of the battle between Michael and Lucifer was that the earth became without form, a disorder, something vain, something void of purpose. Before that battle, maybe it was the time of those gigantic monsters called dinosaurs and of the terrible hominids. I don’t know, but Genesis logic seems to indicate so. But God did not left this disorder to continue for a long time, because it can be seen that “the spirit of God moved over the face of the waters”, and the first thing that this God Creator says is: “let there be light, and it was light”, so, it is very important to notice that it doesn’t say “He created the light”, but it says “and he said: let there be light, and it was light”. Why? Because the light had already been created in the beginning.


ACC – Now, when Adam accepted Eve’s invitation, being Eve deceived by the serpent, what happens is that the earth became hard to cultivate. Then the weeds appeared, and the plagues, as well as venomous animals, as well as predation and death. Man loses God’s spirit, losing his continuous connection with God. Stumbling in life, like a blind man, with the method of trial and error. With the knowledge of good and evil. Every life on planet earth became corruptible and easy to be rotten. With the constant menace of death. Then, the passion and death of creation was not God’s original purpose, as it says that: “even creation will be freed from the bondage of corruption”. Contamination, wars and extinction of organisms, were not the purpose of God. Likewise, weren’t his purpose cataclysms and the catastrophes that are called today “natural disasters” or those produced by human beings. What happens is that Satan himself participates with the dominion that he has over all the earth, with his nefarious influence, and because of that, the evil falls upon mankind. Adam and Eve, when they accepted the deception disobeying God, they lost everything. And with them, the whole human race. Satan wished to eliminate every life form established by God, and he looks the way to do so. But with the arrival of Jesus Christ, all the panoramic changed, Christ was raised, and with this he did overcome death, something established by Satan. When he was resurrected, he provided us the guarantee, that if we believe in our heart that Jesus is our Lord and that God raised him from the dead, we also will be raised to be with him forever, we are going to be raised in his coming for us; and nature will see death, but it will be something provisional, because God, Who raised Jesus Christ, will restore the order on nature. Then, Satan has his time limit counted, and is reaching his end. But, while this arrives, he attempts with every jeans to do evil. But, as stated before, with the resurrection of Jesus Christ himself, Jesus signed the terminal sentence for Satan, who knows that he has but a little time, towards his end confined, as if he were nothing. And God’s creatures again will continue in happiness and without bonds. This will be the new heaven and the new earth, that will came after the Apocalypse and that will fulfill the original purpose of God at the beginning of Genesis, and then, there will be no deceiver, no counterfeiter in the Universe. Let’s see only two Biblical examples of what will be at that time when the wolf will dwell with the lamb, and the leopard with the little goat; the calf and the lion will pace together and a boy will be their shepherd; the cow and the she-bear will be grazing nearby, and their offspring will lay together, and the lion with the lamb…”


FR – God gives the order, which means, he reorders the existence of light. And light shines again, to prevent the presence of only darkness, which was the purpose of the serpent. Then, all times that in Genesis God orders something, always that we read that “he said”, it is because those things that are appearing were already in existence before, but that was altered by Satan’s rebellion, but at its own time, reordered by God. But in Genesis, we also find other words with a purpose, which are: “created”, “formed” and “made”. Are they synonym? ¡No! Let’s see the meaning of each one. When God says that He “created”, as when he created the Heavens and the earth, or when He created the big sea monsters, or when He created man at His image and likeness, what He wants to tell us with “created” is that God brings into existence something that never before had existed, and that it happens to be for the first time: He “Created Heavens and earth” because never before they were, He Created sea animals because never before they existed as such. And when He Created man, it is because He injected, so to speak, His own holy spirit, which he didn’t did with any other living being before. When God says that he “formed” it is because with the elements already created before, He provides figure for other living beings. Say, with the same substance brought before with the sea animals, is with which He forms the rest of animals, and the man as well. And when God says that he “made” it’s because He put inside the forms something that will give them movement, an engine of life. It is that something that allows our heart to continue beating and our life to continue inside us, and we know that what He did in us is called soul, which is inside our blood and acts like a motor of life. Then, in man, the apex of God’s creation, what God formed is the body, what God did is the soul, and what God created is the spirit of God himself inside man. But the serpent or Satan deceives man and God Himself respects the freedom of choice of man. But, when the human being is deceived by the serpent, he loses two things: the holy spirit of God in Him, and the absolute dominion over planet earth, which man delivers to his adversary, Satan. Let’s remember that Satan attempts to seduce Jesus Christ asking him worship, and if Jesus had adored him, the serpent declares that she will give to Jesus all the kingdoms of the world, “but to me they have been delivered”, the serpent told him. And who offered the dominion of the planet to the serpent? It was, no more and no less than Adam, which means “red clay”.


ACC – But, “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the eternal God, as the waters cover the ocean, and Christ will be the raised banner of the people”. And also: “in the middle of the street of the city, and in one and the other side of the clean river of the living waters, shining like glass, will be the tree of life, which produces twelve fruits, providing every month its fruit, and its leaves will be for the healing of the nations, and there won’t be more curse, and the throne of God and of the Lamb, Christ Jesus, will be inside it”. With these, we see that the flora and fauna of the future will experience a change for good, will be better than the current ones. They will re-emerge, so to speak, even when now they are subject to passion and death. Every living form, every living being, will shine with the victory with which Christ Jesus was crowned and which he came to bring to us as well, to us, the responsible of that light in this planet. Yes, it will be a global ecocide, but this one, won’t be permanent nor eternal, and all the species of living organisms that are extinct, will be again, as the Creator, our eternal God, has in His hands the genetic codes of life. Then, for that future planetary victory, we must be for ever thankful with our Lord, Christ Jesus, who will always occupy an exalted place in the universe in its fullness.


FR – It really is passionate, as we were commenting before the program. Are always, indeed interesting, those topics that talk about God, about Christ, and more than anything in these days, so special, in which we commemorate precisely the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Thanks to Miss MGF who felicitates the program. Thanks to HM, thanks madam, she says, “congratulations for dealing with well directed and profound topics.” Well, I think that, but I don’t know what do you think Juan, I think that you have a better point of view than mine on it, however, I think that this kind of topics, even if they are not so common in this program ecocide, are important, are topics that fill us.


JMG – Well, trying to do a brief analysis of all that has been dealt with until now, I wish to mention some related points. First, the text that Fernando sent us, and hopefully he will get better soon, points out the semantic question of translations. I want to remind you that one of the first existing books is the Bible, written in verse. I am going to quote to my dear professor, who hopefully will be listening to us, Juan José Arreola, who mentions the great difficulty on doing a translation from one language to the other, any kind of verse or poems. Being difficult to take poetry into another language, we need to remember that the same Bible is liable to this kind of technical implications. It is very good to do this kind of explanations, and that we will understand that these clarifying related to what it is written in the Bible, precisely can not be done lightly. One needs to have a guide to know what’s the meaning of all of this. We touched this point, neatly in this program ecocide, maybe because of the season, maybe because the people is more sensitized to this type of things, and that they may realize that ecology is not simply a scientific or social theme, but a topic that pervades many areas of the human development, either scientific, social, ethical, spiritual, universal, a proper aptitude of the human being.


Now, maybe people don’t easily grasp it for several reasons. One, which is the most important, is the automation of human understanding. Man gets too robotic on understanding things, he gets too dogmatic on canning the information, that educationally does not question what is he living. He simply says “I must do this”, and he does it, but don’t sees all the penetrating effects on doing such an action. Now, actions are not only doings, but for their intentionality. I can do good things, but if my intentionality is not to do that good I am not being conscious of what I do. Then, the important thing is for us to be more conscious.


Then we find another issue, which is the foreign to man of the religious teaching. We became too distant to this kind of teachings because of the next points. We are under a very dogmatic environment. We became completely theorized. We theorize a lot and practice too few. Personally myself am not considered a religious person, but I try that my saying is in agreement with my doing, I mean, in other quotations we find that “who don’t lives as he thinks, ends thinking as he lives”, which means that he ends justifying his personal experience, instead of living founded in what he stores in his thoughts, which is very important. Maybe most of the social problems, in psychology, pedagogically, indeed in all the branch of the humanities, is because of the poor congruence present in the human being.


In everything which is the relation between men among themselves, between men and nature, is very alien the congruence of men with himself, and this is a clash, we will had less conflicts man were self-congruent. If a person is willing to do harm, needs to be conscious of the damages she is doing, but don’t do harm and damage thinking that she is doing goods. Then, I think that man needs more reflecting. If we reflect on trivial topics but not on personal issues, what is inside us, it has been said that man is more afraid of darkness, but not the one outside, but the inner one. Man trembles anytime he tries to see within himself …


Unfortunately the capacity of people always has been underestimated; let’s say, a person goes to a temple of any religion, sect or social group, spiritual, etcetera, and is treated in a form as willing to guide her absolutely in everything, and so it is being underestimated the personal capacity to understand and practice the principles held there. It is more voracious the action of having millions of people inside there, to say: “we have that many affiliates” or “we have this big number of people who shares our beliefs” and this is what makes us strong, when in reality what makes us strong is the honesty and authenticity of the principles practiced really in everything within their practical, philosophical line, ¿no?, this, I think will be very important.


Maybe we departed a lot in what will be the center of the program, the talk about ecology, ¿yes?, but let’s see this: If we analyze the act of pouring down trash in a natural place, to damage a natural landscape, we mist realize that we are also damaging our own nature. Then, if we want to analyze this as a human problem in general, we have to observe it not only scientifically in the aspects of the damage caused to plants, trees, animals, etcetera, ¿no?, but also to observe it from the philosophical, spiritual, moral, ethic point of view...


FR – I notice that, I think there is a point in which we agree, I am totally in agreement with you in that what you say, that, for example… it is more important to follow through or to respect a certainty for being personally convinced, I say, because you consider that, if you are going to kill one of your kin, or if you are going to steal, or I don’t know, that you yourself are thinking that what you are doing is wrong, because you believe so, not because somebody is telling you that such things are bad. I believe that on that, we totally agree. I wish to tell you Juan, and talking about that, thanks for the call of Miss VFT, “hello to the study, research and Biblical Communication”, and she asks, what’s our religion?


JMG – Ours or each one personally? I think that we can talk about religion separately, it is not that I want to escape the question, but that there are some things that I deem personal and that I don’t agree to put them in polemics on air with the public because then it will became a religious program and not a ecological program. Personally I am not considered of any religion, if with this she considers to have received an answer, yes? I believe in God and I try to see congruous between my saying and my doing without attempting against my nature, very philosophically.


FR – Thanks to Mr. MR, thanks for the report, he was asking a question to Mr. Curiel, however, he had an emergency leave and is not with us. We are going to leave the question pending... We have a pause, lets go to commercials and then we Hill continue in this night.


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… 8 with 27 minutes, we still receiving more phone calls. Thanks Aida who is providing us the great favor of attending our phone line. We continue in ecocide, MV felicitates us and asks: What’s the importance of the accuracy…?


ACC - … the accuracy of the word in any kind of translation?


JMG – Certainly, it is very important for the next, since the origin of concepts, everything has a foundation. Let’s put an example, there are dictionaries of synonyms and antonyms. Synonyms are words that are similar, when a word has the same meaning than the other. Taking into account that etymology is very precise in saying each thing. Now, it is not only the accuracy of one word but all the writing. This means, right now in our language we are not giving preferences to the subjects, to the substantives, to the actions or else, by the opposite side, in Latin the end phrases are the most important… We, of Spanish Language, have great conflicts of subjectivity precisely for two reasons: number one, the bad writing that we have both to write as to speak and that falls in the subjective, and number two, the pre-established of many words. I think that to speak a lot about this topic we could talk largely in questions of semantics, in aspects of semiotics, which is another topic that deals with it, which be the social interpretation of language and its significance, and I believe that gladly we could have contact with such person, if he wants to go deeper on the theme, there are study workshops especially to see the objectivity of language and I believe that to speak in a clearer form and with the right word for every situation makes us assertive and to be assertive is to arrive directly and in the correct way. 


FR – We are going to conclude our program of today Juan, JM, thanks for your presence and thanks also to AC, as this night we deviated a bit on the theme of ecology, however, I think that it is, it is very important. Yes, are you going to add something else?


JMG – Yes, only to clarify, that as natural beings we can not consent to be attempted. I relieve that we need to protect ourselves.


FR – Good night, thanks for your presence, next Tuesday we expect you again in “ecocide.”


Pre-recorded leaving phrase: “We were in “ecocide”. Once again experts in ecology showed to us the problems of our environment, we wait for you Tuesdays and Thursdays at eight o’clock in the night.”


(We Present “The News in Brief”. Good night this is our informative brief of 8:30 PM. In the international scenario, the traditional ceremony of washing the feet was done today in the basilica of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem…)


Note: Later in time JMG organized a conference to which he invited Luis Alonso Schokel, catholic scholar who also translated the Bible from Hebrew and Greek.

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