Figure 1. We can see here that Mercury (Me) is completely covering Regulus, the King and brightest star in Leo. After Mercury, follows the King planet Jupiter (Ju) approaching Leo (the King constellation). After this, Mercury goes into retrograde motion to meet Venus (Ve) for the first time in Mercury’s first and wider retrograde motion. Dates are given by the software at the right side in the bottom. There is a word in the Greek Septuagint translation of the porphecy of Jacob in Genesis 49:10 which has astronomical significance. It is εκλειψει (Strong's #1587). This word ekleipsei is translated to English as "depart" in KJV, "taken" in BBE, "taken away" in Wyclffe and in Douay-Rheims, or "turneth"" aside" in YLT. Ekleipsei means "to eclipse", "to disappear", "to surpass", "to outvie", & Thayer’s: 1a) "to leave out", "omit", "pass by", and 2b) "of the failing or eclipse of the light" (of Regulus, in this case). Three times Regulus was eclipsed: by Mercury, by Jupiter, and by the Moon, thus establishing the fulfillment of the prophecy. In these astronomical simulations the celestial bodies travel from Right to Left.



Figure 2. Conjunction of Venus (Ve) and Jupiter (Ju) seen as one. The Sun, the transparent circle running on the ecliptic, is in Leo in August, and also you can see Mercury (Me) in the distance (smaller size) in its first of two retrograde motions near Leo. Mercury's second retrograde motion occurred one year later.


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