KEEPIN’ IT ALIVE (mp3, 40kbps, Size: 1,334 KB)




Keepin’ it alive and spreadin’ it wide

Keepin’ it alive and spreadin’ it wide

Keepin’ it alive and spreadin’ it wide

What are you keepin’ alive?

The Mystery the Mystery

What are you spreadin’ wide?

The Mystery the Mystery

What are you keepin’ alive

And spreadin’ wide wide?

The Mystery the Mystery the great Mystery


God kept it a secret long ago

But now it’s revealed for all to know

Prophets and angels desired to see

What we have now this Mystery

Judean and Gentile fellow-heirs

Neither loses…both joint-heirs

It’s Christ in you…Christ in me

The riches of the glory of this Mystery


Repeat Chorus


The princes of this world never knew

Crucified the Lord…sealed their doom

Now they try to cover it all

But we’re making it known to one and all

We’re guarding it now until the return

So it never ever will get lost again

Let’s live it every day for all to see

Let’s keep it alive this great Mystery


Repeat Chorus


(c) (p) written by Michael E. Gudorf.


From the Album “It’s Hot”,

Artists: Acts 29 [Bob Stanley: Vocals, guitars, keyboards; Bob Lanham: Bass, guitar, background vocals; Mike Burke: Drums, percussion; Engineer: Tony Pettinato, Opus Studios, Gurnee, Illinois],

Year: 1985

Copyright: Michael E. Gudorf and Robert A. Stanley. All Rights Reserved BS-4262-6-85.

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