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Mohr, Charles E. & Poulson, Thomas L., 1966, Our living world of nature: “The Life of the Cave”, McGraw-Hill, the World Book Encyclopedia and the U.S. Department of the Interior, 232 p., New York.

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Picture Legend: In a food-rich Mexican cave, just a few sweeps of the net yield as many as thirty finger sized Mexican blindfish. Indeed, these fish are so plentiful in certain caves that a hundred or more may be visible in just a few cubic yards of water. These closely related Mexican cave fish and a widespread surface form are so similar that some scientists think all may be subspecies of the same animal. In any case, the fish can interbreed, and residents of some caves show all degrees of eye and pigment degeneration. Here, a blind Mexican cave fish and its surface relative are compared.

This is not "Evolution"; this is loss of function plus adaptation, which means a restrained variation within a boundary, within limits.

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Also, read the article "The Simple and the Primitive: Some Cautionary Tales" (Dec. 2004); at the end we read: "intelligent design, in striving to produce a historical narrative of life, is not going to be cut down by people raising philosophical objections":

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