i [heart] sv_icons   i [heart] smallville

one farmboy to go   damn, i'm smooth   uh, lex? what're you doing down there?   suck my straw   t-shirt: ana

victoria who?   black leather   tight on the curves   i made my boyfriend smile   your earth words confuse me

you can't afford me   assume the position   peel me a grape   play peek-a-boo with daddy   dear clark, please forgive me, I'll never date whitney again

how much for the little boy?   justly condemned to retail hell   the weed of repressed homoeroticism bears bitter fruit   no, I'm sure there nice, chloe, but i'm still not looking   you can't save everyone

fire bad - clark pretty   love me, love my pain   what does it take to get through to you?   it's going to be one of *those* days

practice makes perfect

you're pretty when you lie   t-shirt   guh just guh   and will this alien give me grandkids?   fall from grace

bring me flowers dammit   boys and girls   clark & lex 4eva   tell me no lies   warning: graphic lex

lex's friends list   ...crushed to Wesley's manly chest, Gunn said...