kind of busy here, dad   decisions, decisions     watch out for lex    destiny, smestiny    you have displeased me

well, there's 3 of us and only 1 bed. hmmmm   can't believe you lose all your inhibitions and don't even want to blow me   action!lex   take me to the dance, clark

eat your hearts out girls   his mother never taught him the things a young boy should know   da bomb!   does 'bobbett' ring a bell, lex?    lex solves that pesky in-law problem

dad's gonna kill me   c'mon baby, light my fire    men are from mars, clark is from krypton   it's a metaphor. really.   i miss my mommy

metropolis necropolis    only mutants hit on me   i could eat a peach for hours   our love is purely fictional   .zero. consequences - the condom for your lifestyle

walk away lonely   ah, whitman! the 'family' poet   lonely boy