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Information and Resources for the Smallville Icon Community
This is by no means a comprehensive list
But it should be enough to get you started. If you have any icon-making tips or favorite sites you'd like to share, please post them or a URL pointing to them in the journal so I can make them part of this site. Remember, most of us are self-taught on these graphics programs and what might seem easy and obvious to one person may be totally new and amazing to another. Share!

FAQs, Tips & Tricks:
SV Icons Tips Central from AlejandraDD
Photoshop Basics Online Course
Photoplay - the photomanipper's livejournal
Janee's Photoshop Resources

Free Font Sites:
Acid Fonts
The Font Foundry
The Fonts Zone
Larabie Fonts
Wanted Fonts
Who Fonted?

SV screencap and picture sites:
Remember! Save to your own hard drive. Bandwidth theft is ignorant at best, malicious at worst.
Smallville High Quality Image Archive
LexSlash Archives (transcripts, screencaps, episode summaries)
LexSlash Eye-Candy (photo galleries)
Screen Caps by Alax
Z Caps (links at bottom of list)
Smallville News
Devoted to Smallville
Smallville - A Fan Site (under massive reconstruction but stuff is still available)
Smallville Illusions a website en français -- I never get tired of cliquez-ici!

Vid and clip sites:

Official WB and other media sites:
TheWB.com - Smallville
Smallville Torch
Smallville Ledger
TV Guide's Smallville page

Actor sites (official and fan):
Michael Rosenbaum's Official Website
Michael Rosenbaum Fans Online
Tom Welling.com
[ · m · a · n · y · s · h · a · d · e · s · ] (Tom Welling fansite)
Tom Welling.org
Kristin Kreuk.net
Ultimate Kristin Kreuk
Allison Mack's Official Website
More Than a Sidekick - an unofficial Sam Jones III site
Sam J. 3
Eric Johnson Web
The Eric Johnson Site (no longer updated)
Bastards Need Love Too (John Glover/Lionel Luthor)
Gallery of Celebrities (search for your favorite stars)

Superman sites:
There's far too many for me to make a comprehensive list -- follow the links provided at these pages for enough Super stuff to choke Comet the Superhorse, plus Supergirl, the JLA/JSA, and more.
DC Comics
Superman Through the Ages! (many scanned comics, tons o' facts)
Superboy Lives!
Metropolis SITE
Doug's Fortress of Solitude
The Kryptonian
Superman - The Movie.com
Super Site.com

General Smallville information:
smallville fan fiction resources

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Iconography Geography
Information and Resources for the Smallville Icon Community