Lakota Sovereignty  Related Issues/articles
2006: Why are Indigenous People in Iraq? commentary by Dr. Michael J. Yellow Bird
2006: The Battle of Whiteclay by Stew Magnuson
Lakota Student Alliance Related Issues/articles
2004: Newsletter: "Gnugnuska" launched
2003: A Re-emergence of the Warrior Society
2002: A Means to an End of Oglala Sovereignty?
2000: Harvest of Death: Racism in SD by Jon Lurie
1999: Student Rights Struggle at Oglala Lakota College
1998:  Wounded Knee 1973-1998 Article "25 yrs of Spiritual and Cultural Liberation"
by Jon Lurie
1998: Oglala Sioux Tribal Ordinance #98-02 - Wounded Knee 73 as Tribal Holiday (PDF)
1998: Assessing Lakota Language Shift by Wil Meya
1996: Lakota Green Thumbs - Revolutionary Gardening
1996: Students Gather at Mt. Rushmore
1995: Racist Mascot Use Stopped...
Laframbois Island (illegal land Transfer) Articles/Documents
2002: Daschle's Dark Deeds by Jeffrey St. Clair from Counterpunch Magazine
1999: The New AIM and the Occupation of Laframboise Island by Worth Weller
1999-2000: A Life or Death Last Stand-Story of Laframbois Island struggle by Jon Lurie
1999-2000: Laframbois Island Article from Circle Magazine
Treaty related Articles/Documents
1999: Chronology of Historical/Legal Events on Sioux Land Claims by Mario Gonzalez (Appendix H) from The Politics of Hallowed Ground: Wounded Knee and the Struggle for Indian Sovereignty
1996: An Oglala Lakota Response to the US Position on the Draft Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples
1980: U.S. v. Sioux Nation of Indians, 448 US 371, (1980) Supreme Ct Decision (pdf format)
1980: Akwesasne Notes: "Radiation: Dangerous to Pine Ridge Women" (pdf)
1976: Lakota Treaty Council "We Shall Never Sell" (html) Statement to US Sub Committee
1976: Lakota Treaty Council "We Shall Never Sell" (pdf) Statement to US Sub Committee
1973: Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s  Black Hills by Charles Rambow
Wounded Knee Liberation Articles/Documents
1998: Wounded Knee 1973-98--The struggle continues by Judith Leblanc
1998: Its all about the land. by Ian Record and Anne Pearse Hocker
1998: A Fire that Burns: A legacy of Wounded Knee 1973
by Ian Record and Anne Pearse Hocker
1998: Remembering the 1973 Wounded Knee Liberation by Jon Lurie
1983: AIM Leadership in Nebraska 1972 - 1979 by Dale Mason
1977: Reign of Terror at Pine Ridge (Archival Pamphlet)
1974: Declaration of Continuing Independence
1973: Declaration of the Independent Oglala Nation