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Publication on the Oglala Lakota Nation Since 1972

In 1972, following the fourteen hour takeover of the Fort Robinson Historical Society Museum, by members of the Nebraska Chapter of the American Indian Movement, the Crazy Horse Advocate was published. <>

The intent of this newsletter was and still is to address the hard racial issues happening in Indian Country. This newsletter was founded in Gordon, by Nebraska AIM leader Bob Yellow Bird and AIM Activist William Cross.

The Crazy Horse Advocate still reports historical Indian News and Stories; Fort Laramie news; court documents; police brutality; dual standards of justice practiced by law enforcement agencies; selective law enforcement; Indian Civil Rights; Sovereignty and boycott information from around Lakota Country.

The Crazy Horse Advocate was the first major news source for the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. From 1972-1977, the Crazy Horse Acvocate had served over 500 residents and 240 plus on the mailing list from other reservations.

In 1998, the Crazy Horse Advocate was republished in the
border town of Martin, South Dakota of the Lacreek District in the Sunrise Lakota Village. It was adopted through resolution of the Lacreek District as the official newsletter for the Lakota community of that area.

In Recent Days, an issue of the name Crazy Horse Advocate had come up and the demand to know why we use the name and "stop printing" this newsletter using the name Crazy Horse. The Crazy Horse Advocate is unlike any other news source, for we advocate the beliefs of our grandfathers and grandfathers before them.

These remarks had come from tribal politicians, whose family claims to be lineal descendants of Crazy Horse. Well, did these politicians ever demand that the Crazy Horse Planning Commission drop their name? (A political group on Pine Ridge consisting of nine District Governmental chairpersons) How about the Crazy Horse Treaty School? Or how about Crazy Horse Construction Company? Why not halt the construction of the Crazy Horse Monument?

The Crazy Horse Advocate is named after the fierce warrior chief, and that is the reflection of this newsletter. This was, is and will forever be free of charge for the Lakota. We do not write this material for a profit, the real problem is with those that want a part of the settlement, for the name "Crazy Horse" is in court right now.

The name was put on an alcohol label and that beverage company had settled with the family in an undisclosed monetary amount. But before any settlement could have been distributed, other Lakota families had come forward and claimed that they are the lineal descendents of the great warrior chief.

So who has the right to the name? That will be answered in court, of all places. All Lakotas have a right to thrown their names in the hat for we are all of the same tribes within the Oceti Sakowin: Seven Council Fires of the great Teton nation and we are the descendants of the Crazy Horse Bands of the Oglalas, Sicangu and Minneconjous (Ho Hwo Ju).

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