Wowapi kin le "gnugnuska" o'tokahe tawa na wana unkicage.
Hau Mitakuyepi.

Anpetu kin le iyuha cante waste na nape ciyuza pelo. Ca, tokeya hci le el wowapi kin han "gnugnuskan" wicokage heca yelo. Na le wowapi kin han Lakota Student Alliance unkitawapi heca. Tanyan yahipi. Hecegla.

Hello Relatives,
On behalf of the Lakota Student Alliance, we would like to take this time to welcome you to our newsletter. The "gnugnuskan" is what we call it. The colonialist word for it is translated as the "grasshopper."

The grasshopper is a special gift to us from the creator. It carries itself throughout the land with courage and dignity. The wasicu thinks it is a "pest". But we know that the wasicu doesn't like the grasshopper very much because the grasshopper sees how the wasicu destroys the land. The grasshopper is a powerful symbol of freedom and resilience. The grasshopper reminds us of our sacred duty of being stewards to the land.

This is the exact reason why we chose to use the name of our relative, the grasshopper, for our newsletter. Let this be a mechanism to help us approach our dilemmas in a good way. Let it be a reminder that we were Lakota before the coming of the wasicu.
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Winter 2004

Gnugnuska Summer 2005

Winter 2005
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