A.  General Francis Laye's Marriage to Mary Airey    

      B.  General Francis Laye's Marriage to MARGARET BROWN   

C.  General Francis Laye's Burial Entry  


General Francis Laye's Prior Marriage to Margaret Brown  
Note: Margaret Brown belong to prominent family also with the Dixon family. See signature above of "Dixon Brown".
 Name: Dixon , Dixon , esq. of Unthank Hall , in Northumberland , succeeded his father in Aug 1812 , m. 28 Nov 1816 , Elizabeth , eldest daughter of William Smith , esq. of Togston , and had issue a daughter who died in infancy. Mr. Dixon , who served the office of sheriff for Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 1802 , and of high sheriff for Northumberland in 1827 , is a deputy lieutenant for the county, and major of the Northumberland and Newcastle volunteer cavalry. William Brown , esq. of Willington , near Newcastle , extensively concerned in collieries on the river Tyne , m. Miss Smith , of Morpeth , and died in 1782 , leaving two sons, and three daughters. Of the former, the elder son and heir, William Brown , esq. married in 1770 , Margaret , daughter of William Dixon , esq. of Hawkwell , in Northumberland , and had issue, I. Dixon , who succeeded him. II. Richard , married Juliana , daughter of William . Margaret , married in 1803 , Lieut. Gen. Laye , royal artillery, and died in May 1804 . II. Mary , married William Clark , esq. of Belford Hall , and Benton House , died in 1814 , leaving issue, two sons and one daughter. III. Jane , married Ralph Fenwick , esq. of Wood Lodge, Surrey, died in 1828 , Mr. Brown dying the 28 Aug 1812 , was succeeded by his eldest son Dixon Brown , esq. who in compliance with a proviso contained in the last will and testament of William Dixon , esq. late of Gower Street, Bedford Square, assumed the surname of Dixon upon the demise of Col. Dixon of the royal artillery, in 1825 , and came into possession of the estates of Benridge and Ingo , in Northumberland . He is the present Dixon Dixon , esq.Motto-Suivez Raison. Estates-Benton , Unthank , Willington , Benridge , and Ingo , in Northumberland . Seats-Unthank Hall and Benton .  
Fenwick Name
General Francis Laye first marriage was to Margaret Brown. Margaret had a sister, Jane Brown who married Ralph Fenwick. Hence Francis and Ralph were brother-in-laws. There seems to be some bond- whether friendship or blood - based on the names- as in Francis' son, Francis Fenwick Laye, and Jane Francis Fenwick.   Ralph married Jane Brown in 1807 and their children were: Eleanor Mary Fenwick b 1808 m Charles Brown; Charles Richard Fenwick b 1822, Julia Fenwick b 1809 m John Simpson; William John Fenwick b 1816; Isabella Fenwick b 1817 m John Marston, Mary Fenwick b 1812, d 1813; Henry Fenwick b 1818; Jane Francis Fenwick b 1810; Rakoh Fenwick b 1814. The Fenwicks lived in Streatham, Surrey.



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