A. John Laye -Plan for Town & Castle of Sterling

Designed a Plan of the Town and Castle of Sterling 1740 Document dated 1725 - Several hands worked on this it seems.
B. George Laye- Marriage Certificate




The document above was obtained through the kind consideration of Mrs S. Wood, the Senior Archivist at the Northumberland County Council. I thank her for this document which she found in an index of monumental inscriptions at Newcastle St Andrew on Feb 2001.

 Document below copied with copy altered by addition of “alpha characters” to assist analysis. The document is a fortunate find, but as a complete document, is very misleading. It appears that several people were involved in the draft with on one hand, great attention to detail to individuals, and simultaneously carelessly trying to force two obviously distinct generations as one, belonging to the same father. The way the original archivist resolved the issue of the wide ranging birth dates was to make two families through wife Margaret and wife Mary. The obvious problem is that that Margaret was only married to Gen Francis LAYE less than five months! In addition, in spite of with her short marriage, the “children” listed are born years before her marriage. In short, we have good and valuable data placed within an unplausible scheme. A likely possibility- All children prior to Francis Fenwick born of a marriage prior. Augustus, for example in the LDS IGI file, gives his parents as Francis and Sarah. I am adopting this theory- based on above and that the general would be about 48 years old  at his marriage to Margaret, so not likely his first. That marriage was also short-lived, making a third likely.   Louisa also IGI is same as Augustus.        

ITEMS      (Paraphrasing and commenting – some reference numbers unclear)

 (A). Lt. General Francis LAYE  ROYAL ARTILLERY   BORN ABOUT 1754. Captain Royal Regiment of Artillery (Army List 1791) Fought through the American War, wounded at Bunkers Hill 1775 (NB[?] Chron): of Tynth in 1803. Died in Ellison- “pl, n6, “ 20 Jan 1828 aged 74, Chron M s 223.   Comment: No surprises other than wounding at Bunker Hill.

 (B).  Margaret BROWN, Eldest daughter of William BROWN, Married 24 Nov 1803, lic- Longbenton, Died 2 May 1804 at Bath (Courant [?]).

Comment: Resolves mystery – of two Francis Layes in same church marrying different women with a few years.  Note that surname BROWN is William Simpson Brown Blennerhasett DWYER’s middle name. I believe her to be his second wife. 

 (C .) MARY AIREY, Daughter of Joseph AIREY, Green Court. Born 18 August 1777 (See St Andrews Reg 1b ap 1782),  married 9 Dec 1805 lic- (St Andrews) “C “  Comment: I consider Mary to be his third wife of Gen LAYE, and to be the mother of Francis Fenwick and the younger ones.

 (J. and O).  General Joseph Henry LAYE C.B.,    COMMENT.  (“J” and “O” are one and the same person. J is listed as the eldest of 2nd Mary. Data of  (“J” and “O” consistent with Gen J.H  LAYE, whom we know much. “O” is more correct here, (There is no “J.W”. Laye). The info from “J” need to be added to “O” data. The youngest son 24th and 58th Regiment, died in London 3 March 1895 aged 79 (? journal), Youngest son, Capt in 58th Regiment, married America Maria DEAN-PITT., second daughter if Major General DEAN-PITT in New Zealand, 23 May 1848 “c”. Parents: Gen Francis LAYE AND Mary AIREY. 

 (D and K).  Major Francis Fenwick LAYE.   Eldest, son, Married Ann - - - , 4th daughter of John Robinson of Tweedmouth, on 8 Jan 1852 “c”.  and LAYE who married Anne. She died 11 Sep 1848 at Douglas, isle of Man, aged 36 years old. “c”. She died in childbirth- [giving birth to Emily LAYE 11 Sep 1848 at Douglas “c” (I now know her to be Anne Maria Teresa WALSH).    COMMENT.  Believe to be one and the same. Emily LAYE lists Francis Fenwick LAYE as  father- and listed that way in 1851 Census.  By displacing “J” – the LAYE husband of Anne becomes the eldest- which Francis is above. Final proof is shortly coming by birth certificates from the IOM. I estimate Francis Fenwick born about 1808. Parents: Gen Francis LAYE AND Mary AIREY.  

(L).  Frederick LAYE     Born 3rd  [actually must be now the 2nd born son], 1811,  Died 24 Nov 1816 in Ellison aged 5  –also says aged 3 yr 8 mos, (mj 223). COMMENT:  Died as small child. – Francis Fenwick and Anne has son named Frederick later) Parents: Gen Francis LAYE AND Mary AIREY. And a Lt. LAYE, above (E.) I believe very likely is Frederick LAYE, who died one year before this second Frederick is born- who ironically only lives a few years himself. .

 (M.)  ----  LAYE.   Born  16 May 1816 “c”    COMMENT:  Know nothing about- this is the 3rd child of parents: Gen Francis LAYE AND Mary AIREY.  

(N). Susan LAYE.  Youngest  daughter [and 4th child], Married on 8 Nov 1850 at Berwick to Dr Alex Sinclair, surgeon to the forces “c.”  COMMENT: The name Sinclair appears as a middle name in Laye family in 19th century, and may predate this marriage. Parents: Gen Francis LAYE AND Mary AIREY. 


Note: I do have some doubt on this. These may be offspring of a brother of Francis.  F.F. Laye is consisently documented as the "eldest." Why would Augustus, below, be ignored? Yet- we have a Francis Laye- same area- marrying a Sarah with offspring mentioned on my document.- 

 - (E). Lieut. - - - LAYE,  4th  West Jamaica Regiment,   Died at Guadaloupe, 18 Sep 1810 COMMENT:   See (F).  Believe parents: Gen Francis LAYE and Sarah -----.    I believe this to be: Frederick LAYE, born -; 20 Jan 1792, Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

 (F.) Mrs LAYE, “eldest daughter” –Died at Leith Fort, 11 April 1810.   COMMENT:  Interesting- who? Must be wife of Lt LAYE above. There are changes to the original, an edit- looks like “J---“ first name, and what was “2nd daughter” perhaps, changed to “eldest daughter” to make consistent with the error that she is a daughter of the general and one of the wives listed on document, which is impossible. Parents: Gen Francis LAYE and Sarah -----.     NOTE; ON JULY 2001: Independently learned from genealogist that Francis Fenwick Laye had a sister not recorded here- it may be this person: Mary Ann Laye- baptized on 25 Oct 1808 North Leith, Midlothia, (From Scottish Records Index). ; 

 (G.) Louisa LAYE,  Born 1795, Married 17 May 1817 to Mr. John Tower of Liverpool. COMMENT: 15 Aug 1795 Stoke Damerel, Devon, England  Parents: Gen Francis LAYE and Sarah -----. Married per IGI: 17 May 1817 Winston, Durham, England     

(H.) Captain LAYE,  Aide-de-Camp. Died on passage from Jamaica to Porta Bella. no date- of 3 July 1819.   COMMENT:  Parents: Gen Francis LAYE and Sarah -----.

 (I.) Augustus LAYE, "ESQ"   Married Mary ir Margaret GIBSON in 1818, daughter of Thomas Gibson at Marylebone, London. COMMENT:  Parents: Gen Francis LAYE and Sarah -----Born  30 Jan 1797 Stoke Damerel, Devon, England



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