These are from a Dwyer photo album, and the time of the photos seem to be late 1880's and early 1890's. I suspect the people are chiefly Dwyers, Cunynghames, along with family and friends. St Moritz was where the family of Robert Hoare Dwyer frequented and were very much involved in the early Cresta races there. (Lambert, Robert's brother, was one of the founders of the race club there in the early 1880's.  
Below- see list of guests at Bertie Dwyer's wedding to Miss Beryl Maud Gillman - from newspaper article
this may include some people here
Work in Progress 
CREDITS:  Photos made available courtesy of Miss D. Kemp. Dartmouth identification and information courtesy of Dr. J.E. Harrold, BA, MA, Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, Devon  
11   Bertie Cunynghame Dwyer (seated in sled, center) at St. Moritz, Switzerland   Note: The  man behind Bertie in the odd white hat is the same man in the same hat whom seems to be of importance in Image 12 below. I believe I spotted him in an 1891 photo of race participants. - Also, the man in the black hat next to the man in the white hat looks like Bertie, and could be a Dwyer- or Cunynghame..  
18   St. Moritz, Switzerland   Unknown Dwyers or Cunynghames. 
27    St. Moritz, Switzerland  Unknown. Woman in front looks like a Cunynghame, poss Caroline. Man in checked vest of some resemblance. Compare Image 28.
  28  Same group as in Image 27. Man in checked vest in this shot, looks a bit like Bertie Cunynghame Dwyer. St. Moritz, Switzerland   
10   St. Moritz, Switzerland  Mr Bertie Cunynghame Dwyer seated on sled. Solid woman on left looks familiar. 
8 Need time to study- but fourth man from left looks like Lambert Dwyer (See Image 4, 3,  and 16. Man of left probably Denys Dwyer, son of Bertie. Also compare with Image 29. 
7 Same women as in Image 6  
6 Same  women as in Image 7  
5  Same people as in Image 4    
17 Is this perhaps an older Caroline Cunynghame- Bertie's mother on left? 
14 Women and children in front are totally unfamiliar. Man in white odd hat is same man seat near tea in Image 12 and behind Bertie at St Mortz in Image 11. Standing woman in black looks like woman leaning in Image 4, listing in Image 5, and seated in Image 12 at tennis game.
12 Looks like Dwyers playing tennis- one could be Bertie. The lady seated and smiling at camera is also in Images 4, 5 and standing in 14. Man in white hat by tea service seems to be an important person, is also at St Moritz behind Bertie in Image 11and standing at Picnic in 14. (Related to that woman?)
3 1887 St. Moritz,  Caroline Georgina Thurlow Cunynghame- mother of Bertie, wife of the late RobertDwyer. Same people as in Image 4 MAJOR GENERAL HENRY ARTHUR DWYER, B.S.C. is older man, I believe, unknown mustached man standing is as well. Seated in Bertie C. Dwyer and Denys is seated behind his Uncle Lambert Dwyer. .
 13  Unknown 
 4 Same people as in Image 5  Bottom left is Lambert or Robert Dwyer
 33   1887 St. Moritz, Switzerland  Bertie Cunynghame Dwyer won a close second the Grand National and did the fastest time of the race, the only rider to break the two minute barrier with 1 minute 58.6 at age 14 years old! Link to more details  here
9 c 1887 Bertie Cunynghame Dwyer and  - -

30     Unknown

2 Unknown

1    Unknown
22 Unidentified schooner. Rig suggests it might be American, but it is shown not to be a working boat by man in white trousers.
16 Possibly Lambert Dwyer. Boy unknown - but looks like a Dwyer.


29 Bertie Cunynghame Dwyer in later life, with son( ?) 
19 DARTMOUTH Taken at the foot of Sandquay steps, leading up from the river. Officers and civilians of the HMS Britannia, who are instructors at Dartmouth. Bearded man in front is Captain A.B. Thomas, C.B., who joined ship in 1892. .  Two chaplains also present, the bowler-hatted men being the civilian instructors. 
20 DARTMOUTH Term class photo of late 1892, taken in same location as Picture 19.
Mac Ewan
Maclean Miller Peel
Dwyer  Alexander   Wood Hughes
Douglas  Candy Ryan Curtis Denny Grant Powell
                     Allen  Evans
West Collins Compton Storr Tuson Dewar
             Gambier Ramsay-Fairfax  Denison
 Gervers  Arbuthnot Ballantyne  Maitland
Pitts Rideout Knollys Noble Cherry  Lowther
Winthrop Dixie Stevenson Dutton Henly Kiddle  Sulivan  
                          Nicholson Wardle Longden  Hopkinson 
[The Dwyer above, Denys Robert Cunynghame DWYER. shortly  before his death. DOB 13 Aug 1876. Died 12-12-1892 Scarlet Fever sick quarters Portland
 Served Chatam Squadron 15 Aug 1892-9 Nov 1892.
Captain and crew aboard ship. The two figures top right are a chaplain and marine gunner. Seated at front are cadets on the left Midshipmen on the right. This is unlikely to be the HMS Britannia, as she did not have Midshipmen.  
View of Dartmouth from Jawbone's Hill during a regatta 1892. Britannia and Hindostan in the distance. The four ships on the left are naval briggs, the HMS Martin and Seaflower can be identified. 
25HMS Britannia with the HMS Hindostan moored ahead of her in the River Dart. c 1892 View from west bank at Sandquay.   
 23  Different view of same
26    DWYER ESTATE CARDIFF    -In Berte's family, lived in by his son, Denys.
  Below is Bertie's wedding guests, mention in newspaper 

    31      Unknown                      32Unknown

Possibly Scotland, but also poss Wales   
Captain Bertie Cunynghame Dwyer -Groom
Miss Beryl Maud Gillman -Bride
Mrs. Dwyer [Caroline]
Mr. and Mrs. William Gillman
Rev W. Reed, MA, Rector
Rev. Harold Castle Floud 
Miss Evelyn Gillman  
Miss Helene Cunynghame (cousin of the bridegroom)
Miss Sybil Davies
Miss Eleanor Wiseman
Miss Irene Crookenden 
Best man
Captain Everitt, Leicestershire Regiment
Major Roberts, RA [Later marries a sister of the bride- Augusta Gillman- so a brother-in-law to Bertie]. 
Captain G. Dwyer RA
Captain Budgen RA
Lieut. Burgess, R.N. (H.M.S. Furious) [This is Guy Burgess' father- future husband of Miss Evelyn Gillman]
Colonel Dwyer
Miss Dwyer
Mrs. Strong and Miss Gillman
Sir Percival and Lady Cunynghame [Percy was an officer- his wife was Maud Albinia Selwyn-Payne, 
Sir Coleridge Grove [Captain 15th Regiment in 1881- later Major General, also testifies before Parliament in 1903 by the Elgin Commission in 1903 about military preparedness.born 1839  died 1920].
Miss Donald Smith  
Mr. and Mrs. Agnus Hooper
Mr. and Mrs. George Hooper
Mr. and Mrs. Colby
Mrs. Holme
Miss I. Crookenden
Mr. Charles Hughes
Captain and Mrs. Macneal
Mrs. Ricardo
Mrs. Morgan Jones
Mr. W. Cunynghame-Robertson [Cunynghame- Robertson has a blood link to the Duke of Wellington]. 
Mr. and Mrs. Berkeley Molyneux [Family tied to Earl of Sefton, and desc from Charles II ].
Miss Agnus
Mr. and Mrs. Marling
Major and Mrs. Slade Baker