Connected by second marriage of Emily LAYE DWYER to John PRINCE, nephew of Charles  PRINCE, and the marriage of Emily's daughter, Mary Ann Sinclair DWYER to Charles PRINCE son 
 of Colonel John PRINCE

              Emily LAYE-DWYER- (born Emily LAYE, mother of above Mary Ann Sinclair DWYER), married John PRINCE, the son of Albert PRINCE.  Albert was the brother of the above Charles.  So Emily LAYE-DWYER married her son-in law's nephew. Not as bad as it sounds. Emily did marry a younger man, but Albert PRINCE, her daughter's husband, was up to 38 years older than his wife, Mary.       

   MOM??           MOM??               DAD???
    3rd Version:  Dorothy Jordan, (L) the comic actress, may be the mother of  John Prince, with William IV, his father.  This is so speculative. The woman that is commonly cited in the legend is the devout Catholic, Mary Anne (Maria) Smythe aka the widow, Mrs. Thomas Fitzherbert. (MIDDLE)
    Why I believe the above, in part: Prince's immense wealth, his high rank and status, was a member of Parliament along with his son, was a friend of the Prime Minister, and generally acted as if he made the rules. His name was also "Prince." (Get it?)  I had just read a wonderful book of John Prince by R. Alan Douglas.  I an not convinced of his version that his father was the ne'er-do-well black marketer and bankrupt, Richard Prince. Douglas also states that the rumor was about the king and Maria Anne Fitzherbert. 
   Even if the legend is not true, it says something about Colonel Prince, that people could consider him as a real prince. Maybe that is more significant than passing a dna test. 
. PARENTS  Version 1: (Take Your Pick) H.R.H. King WILLIAM, IV ENGLAND, and Mary Anne SMYTHE  (Mrs. Maria Fitzherbert). 
. PARENTS  Version 2: Richard PRINCE and Mary PRINCE  (Version that scholar R. Alan Douglas holds- but there is some circumstantial evidence to point otherwise, and version 2 doesn't seem right, (As in his 'father' going bankrupt, yet John Prince starts law school with money inherited from somewhere). But either may be incorrect.
  Honourable Colonel John PRINCE  b 12 March 1796 Hereford, England,    m 17 June 1823 St George Bloomsbury, London.   Militia leader of Essex Regiment, An official enemy of City of Detroit with price on his head, lawyer, judge and member of Parliament (Also was a friend of Prime Minister MacDonald)  Said he brought 75,000 gold guineas to Canada from England. Reading his diary, he seems manic-depressive. In 1851 Canadian Census: "barrister." as age 57- making his birth poss 1794/5 if true.  Canadian Immigrant Records shows him arriving in Canada 1839-41 as "John (Colonel) Prince."
Mary Ann Millington  b 04 APR 1801 Saint Andrew, Holborn, London, England d 26 Feb 1875 of "influenza and spasms", York, Canada.  Daughter of Richard John Millington and Elizabeth.  Siblings: Rev. Richard Henry Millington.   Note on middle names of children: It appear they are named after people with whom the Colonel served in the militia.  Mary Ann never lived with Col Prince when he moved to Algonac. She and her husband had a stormy relation. She was often ill, and he had lady friends. In 1851 Canadian Census as 46- if true dob 1805.
Captain William Straton PRINCE  b 18 Apr 1824 England, eldest  d 1881 Wellington, Ont   Chief of Police, Toronto, appt 1859  71st Highlander Light Infantry, Stationed at Malta in 1857. Later the first warden at the Toronto Central Prison.  "Its first warden, William Prince, a veteran of the British Army, had served as chief of the Toronto Police for fifteen years, earning a reputation for "arrogance and arbitrariness."  Source: Website Lynn's Website Also see informative website how Captain Prince militarized and reformed the Toronto Police
. Arabella Delancy PRINCE b 9 Apr 1829 England    In 1901. lived at Sandwich with niece, Constance F. PRINCE   General Friend wrote of her in his book: "The one daughter [of Colonel Prince], Arabella, (Belle ) was a charming girl, of the English type, attractive in every way. She always graced our social functions, given at the National hotel (Russell House) and elsewhere. She is the sole survivor of the immediate Prince family and is passing her declining years at Park Farm." D 19 June 1907, at Hotel Dieu, Sandwich, Ontario of "senile decay.".  She died with name of Prince- single. .In 1851 Canadian Census as 22- so 1920 dob is correct. - States born in England.[ Another Atrabella  1841 Ontario, Lived in 1880 w/ Charles and Ocatvius at Sandwich, Essex, Ontario]
. Octavius PRINCE b 4 Apr 1841/2, Ontario, Canada.  Youngest  Studied law. Lived in London Twsp/ Lambton in 1871 and .in that years census, reporting he was 30 years old and belonged to the Church of England and occupation was "Land agent" In 1880, lived in Detroit practing law: "lawyer, h 223 Park" Also res at Sandwich, Essex, Ontario with Charles and Arabella Also Res in Detroit w/ wife and child. d 26 Jan 1886 Detroit.. In 1851 Canadian Census as 11.
. Theodora (Theadora) - - - - - b Canada 1852, father born in Ireland  In 1880 Census
. Ada PRINCE b1873 Michigan  In 1880 Census     Note -There was an Ada B. Prince from Sandwich crossing into Detroit in 1910 aged 30.   
. Septimus Rudyerd PRINCE 5th son, b 20 May 1838 Ontario Canada d 6 Aug 1867 Notice in the Ottawa Times. But Prince Twp named after Septimus Prince, states on their site, that he is the 7th son.  .In 1851 Canadian Census as 14.
Henry PRINCE b 29 Aug 1833  England It is reported that he later committed suicide in Chicago.   In 1901 Census, and 1871 Census-Lived in London Twsp in 1871, of the Church of England, born in England and was 36 yrs old. Was an "Oil Operator"  Appears that Henry crossed the Atlantic to England, from Halifax, a good number of times. Ones of which I am aware: 1887  aged 25 "Cirassian" with sister Bella, , 1883  "Parisian" and 1885 at 19 years with possibly a relative, Joseph PRINCE, aged 48, aboard the "Polynesian". .In 1851 Canadian Census as 19 as a gent.
. Unknown PRINCE
. George PRINCE  b 22 Sep 1835 Sandwich, Canada  d 17 Feb 1836   DSP
Honorable Albert PRINCE, Q.C., M.P.  b 17 Nov 1825  Chetenham England  m Aug 1855  d 8 July 1875, Essex, Ont, of apoplexy. Member of Parliament, Liberal Party of Ontario. In Law in Sandwich (1851) and Windsor. Was law partner with Samuel Smith Macdonell (first mayor of Windsor) and  John O’Connor.   Father of John Prince who married Emily Laye Dwyer and died Dec 7, 1890  Detroit. John was born 1858.  No known children.    A John Prince who was 25 in 1885, came from England to Halifax in that year. On the "Sardinian" A Mrs Prince returned same year, same port in the "Caspian".- Emily?  Lived at Petite Cote, or 'The Firs." Entertained lavishly. Refs in Early days in Detroit by General Friend Palmer.  Predeceased wife. In 1851 Canadian Census as 27 years old and a barrister.
. "Lizzie"A. KNAPP, former Mrs. Frank HUNT, later Mrs. PRINCE, lastly, Mrs. OWEN  b 23 MAR 1834 Corsley, Wiltshire, OR  Grosse Ile, MI;  d Nov 1893, "Socialite". In Detroit 1880 Directory as Eliza Prince, wid of Albert  h 152 Adams Ave E.   Her parents: Dr. Thomas Knapp and Eliza Cook  "Lizzie" or Eliza, described in Friend Palmer's book: "Eliza (Puss) Knapp m who was one of the brightest and one of the most vivacious of that charming group of Fort Street girls who held all of us young men and boys in bondage."   She married a third time to a Mr. Owen, they had two sons and one dau. Son, Griffth, was Captain and asst Quartermaster, USA, died of consumption. Son Edward was Lt. in Civil War. Dau Catherine m Horace Turner - had two dau.  Col. John Prince warned that Albert marrying Lizzie would turn out to be his ruin.  Why?: Seems she could have been a trophy bride- high maintenance and expectations. She loved her son John. In 1851 Census, first husband Frank Hunt's occupation was listed as "loafer" (Douglas).  Note-.W. Weeks & Co.'s Detroit City Directory for 1885 has Hunt Prince at 323 3rd St.
John PRINCE  b 1858, likely London Ontario,  Newspaper reporter, previous, newspaper ad salesman, 32 years old at 314 Porter Street, Detroit 7 Dec 1890. Accidental overdose of chloroform administered during surgery, by Dr Hal C. Wyman for a bladder condition. His mother was present. John married Emily Dwyer, (my gg grandmother, the mother of his uncle Charles' wife: Mary DWYER.   Note- a voyage from England to Halifax is noted as follows: Mrs Prince  32 years old in 1885 aboard the "Caspian." [Emily would be actually 36 yrs old] John Prince 25 years old  in 1885 aboard the "Sardinian." [John would actually be 27 yrs old]
Mary A. Prince 27 years old in 1885 aboard the "Sardinian." [My speculation hits a snag here- Mary Anne Dwyer Prince should be about 17 years old.  Conclusion: Interesting, This would be about the right time Emily would be coming back from England.   in 1880, John living at home with his mother Eliza Hunt Prince and siblings: Constance aged 18, Albert 15, Frederick 12, Charles V. 9, along with step siblings.   John had no occupation in 1880 it seems: "at home." Also had a second location as a boarder- laborer. Note- children from previous marriage listed in census too:
Thomas K. HUNT Son S Male W 28 MI At Sailing MI MA [Became prominent in newspaper business] 
Harry Poncie HUNT Son Male W 26 MI Sailor MI MA [author] 
Carolin M. HUNT DauL Female W 23 MI At Home NY NY
Charlotte E. HUNT GDau S            Note - guessing this is John's picture- in with a collection of pics, with Emily's at that time- right age- younger - handsome, mother was a local socialite beauty.
Emily Marie DWYER  The former wife of William Simpson Brown Blennerhassett DWYER, nee Emily Marie LAYE  b Isle of Man, 1849, Died 23 Aug 1896 Porter Street, living as Mrs PRINCE. Likely Emily and John married in England, having met in England. Daughter of Major Francis Fenwick LAYE, and  Anne Maria Teresa WALSH, and grand daughter of Lt. General Francis LAYE, Royal Artillery, and Mary AIREY.  Children from previous marriage: William Lambert Laye Blennerhassett Dwyer,  Dora Dwyer,  Mary Ann Sinclair Dwyer, and Ramsey Reginald Dwyer.   BUT  St Hugh Simpson Gerald Toulmin Dwyer (my  g grandfather), father actually William's brother: Colonel Lambert Francis Wilson DWYER b 27 April 1840, 7:30, Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England -  d 2 Jan 1923 at 2 Clarence-Parade, Southsea.
Ethel Marguerite PRINCE b 25 Aug 1871  d 1871 Inflammation of lungs  Listed as Roman Catholic. Mrs. Hunt may have been or converted to Catholicism.
Albertina PRINCE d suddenly 1898 "skillful at harp and piano"   dsp
. Constance F. PRINCE b 14 Jan 1864 In 1890 in Detroit with brother Albert, Canada, Immigrated to USA 1895, 1900 alone in Detroit,  In 1901 single living at Sandwich, Ontario with aunt Arabella at Park Farm. Careful guess this is her picture. In 1902, trip to England, cross from Quebec into USA.  1909 crossed in Detroit -"sister of A.K. Prince." Likely died Toronto 1915 Ovarian tumor/ heart attack. Singer.
. Albert Knight PRINCE     b Aug 1863 Petticote,Canada, m second time  1890 in Detroit- brakeman with sister Constance, 1920 Living in Chicago  clerk for railroad,   1930 in Detroit w/ wife and son  -Seemed to move to LA in 1930 with wife/child????]  Came to USA 1880.  Eyes Blue Crossed Detroit border 1911 with wife.
2 Mabel C. STOKES   b ab 1883 1930 Census in Detroit   m 31 Dec 1913 Lake County, Indiana,
  Albert L. PRINCE b 30 Sep 1924 Detroit, d 1 Jun 2000 CA  
1. Mary Ann Sinclair DWYER Daughter of Emily Laye Dwyer- above! b 7 Sep 1869 at sea -Jamaica. d 20 Feb 1941, Windsor Ontario, Canada  She attended All Saints and later St John's Churches in Windsor. Called "Aunt Coo-Coo" by Dwyers- Her father used to call her "My little coo coo." Daughter of Emily Laye Dwyer- above. This would mean that her mother was married to her husband brother. Her brother-in-law would be her step-dad. Have an aspirin.  Came to USA 1875 1900 census states. In 1911 Census, living with son Alan - no husband, and grandchildren.
Colonel Alan Charles PRINCE, V.D., A.D.C.  b 22 Aug 1889 Sandwich, Ontario Canada or Detroit, d Unknown, after 1945. Served in WW I 21st Regiment Fus., Was living in Detroit, widow, in mid-late 60's   Resided at 4523 Riverside Drive, Windsor.  Headed Windsor's Essex Scottish Reserve, which he organized. Awarded Legion of Merit from President Truman, conferred by Michigan Governor G. Mennen Williams.  In 1936, Alan took a trip with wife (and a lady's maid) to Nassau on the S.S.Carinthia. In 1911 Census. Sandwich, N. Essex, Ont.  Eyes: Blue  172 lbs. Scar Rh shoulder. In 1931, crossed in Buffalo with wife and dau Mary -on way to NYC to embark for Mediterranean Cruise. .
. Florence Elizabeth R. Reaume,  b 4 Oct 1888 Essex, Ontario,  m 12 Jan 1910  Sandwich, daughter of Windsor's mayor - Must be a niece or some other way related to "His Worship,"  Arthur J. Reaume mayor 1941 - 1954.  In 1911 Census  Race: "French"  Nationality: Canadian  Eyes Brown, Scar on rh wrist. Height: 5' 3". In 1952, she seems to be separated from her husband, but perhaps Col Prince had much business in Detroit. Roman Catholic. In 1901 Census, mother's name: Colenne Works Turner (Irish) father: Dr. Joseph O. Reaume (French). Had five siblings.
  Catherine PRINCE  b 1915 d14 Mar 1928 of cerebral abscess at age 13, student, bu 16 Mar 1928 St Alphonsus Cem.,
  Lt John Alan PRINCE b 1910,  1st Batallion Essex Scottish Regiment. Was in the Dieppe raid on the coast of occupied France. Was missing, then showed up a POW of the Germans Attended Royal Military College, Toronto   Graduated from University of Toronto 1934. President, United Forge Company  Eyes: Hazel
 . Helen Louise "Mickey" JOHNSTON b 23 Feb 1918, Medicine Hat Alberta; d 7 Sep 1999 Windsor, St. John's Anglican Church Cem
 . John PRINCE   Twin:  b 3 Jan 1941 living Unmarried  Receive response to my genealogy query in the early 1980's. Appeared to work at a bank or financial office in Toronto. Did not have much data. 
 . Constance PRINCE twin b 3 Jan 1941  "Connie" quite alive, (her death was greatly exaggerated here once) residing in Windsor, Ontario, Canada  (Updated Aug 2003)
 . Patrick MCNULTY  d August 6, 2003 at the age of 77
 . Mary Constance PRINCE  b 7 Aug 1912, Sandwich Ont,  D 28 Apr 1984 Grosse Pointe, Wayne, Michigan  res Detroit, Grosse Pointe, and Amestb  Eyes Brown , Record of her crossing Canadian border at Buffalo 1 Feb 1931. so m after 1931
 . Mr Herbert G. HENCHEL  b  26 Apr 1909 Ohio d 18 Oct 1986 Grosse Pointe, Wayne, Michigan  Son of Herbert (German) and Agnes (English).  Appeared to do a lot of international traveling.
  Herbert A. HENCHEL b 5 Jun 1937 Grosse Pointe, Wayne, Michigan  also lived in Chicago
  Harriet P. - - -  b 1937
  John H. HENCHEL b 1969
  Gregory J. HENCHEL b 1967
  Alan A. HENCHEL b    Grosse Pointe
  John H. HENCHEL lived in Chicago
. Frederick W. PRINCE b 1867 Canada, 1920 & 1930 LA w/ wife Vice president of a bank.
. Grace M. - - - - -   b c 1878 
. Charles V. PRINCE b 1869 Canada. In Detroit in 1890  
. Charles PRINCE b 10 Jul 1827/29 England   In 1880, Living w/ Ocatvius and Arabella,  Sandwich, Essex, Ontario d 16 Oct 1909 .In 1851 Canadian Census as 25- a "gent"  Death Listing on file -Canada.  1891 Census Sandwich Town  Listed as Single --- An Isabella Prince aged 40 living with him
. Charles PRINCE JR(Possibly died young)  In 1901 Census with a 23 yr old sick  Charles Jr- (described as "patient" immigrated in 1875. 1871 Census describes Charles as 42 and having been born in England, and living in London Twsp. d 2 Jan 1902 Insane Asylum d of pyaemia (blood poisoning) 43 years old.
   PUBLIC OFFICERS 1851 Directory- Sandwich
 Prince, John, M.P.P. for Essex
 PRINCE, ALBERT, barrister and attorney at law, notary, & c.
 PRINCE, JOHN, barrister and attorney at law
 . Bella PRINCE  b c 1869  England, Emigrated to Canada in 1882, in 1901 Census  
 . Albert PRINCE b 1878 England, in 1901 Census  

Below:   Obit for John Prince- son of Albert, husband of Emily Laye Dwyer- Detroit Free Press Dec 7, 1890 p 18 
1880 Census- Detroit 7th Street John Prince at home with mother and siblings.
Prince's Second Residence on Adams Street 1880 Detroit Census- 
Helpful information from the 'Sneakers Site':
Quotes from above website: 
 “. . . Col. Prince was a hale and hearty old country gentleman originating from the country of Hereford and settled under the old regime (Family Compact), near the town of Sandwich where he farmed his estate and where his family lived and Mrs. Prince died, leaving her daughter Bella and her son Charles in residence. Septimus (a Prov. And Dominion Land Surveyor), lived here with his father. Albert was in Law in Sandwich and Windsor. One son was a captain of Police in Toronto. Another Henry I think committed suicide in Chicago. Octavius I lost sight of . . .”
Also I found independent confirmation of Albert as  Windsor lawyer at :
 “ . . .- petition asked that the Oath of Administration be administered by Albert Prince, Town of Sandwich, Essex County, Esquire, - petition dated May 11, 1853 . . .”


Below: Article WWII new of Lt. John Alan PRINCE (Son of Col Alan Prince, and Florence Rheume)
More Articles, Alan Prince awarded, death of Mary Anne Sinclair Dwyer PRINCE:

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LAYE FAMILY UK  Connected by Marriages or Reference

EMILY LAYE   Dau of Major Francis Fenwick Laye, grand daughter of Lt. General Francis Laye

DIXON BROWN   Northumberland UK ,  Margaret Brown married Lt. General Francis Laye 1803.

AIREY of Northumberland  Lt. General Francis Laye married Mary Airey 1803    Also GILPIN, GOODEN, MULCASTER, BEDFORD (BEDFORDE), BARKUS, LAYE         

GILLMAN of  Portsmouth  LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME DWYER married Beryl Maud Gillman c 1907.
ANDERSON  NICHOLSON  Northumberland  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line
 GUY BURGESS    Spy for KGB  LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME's sister-in-law, -Evelyn Gillman.,was the mother of this double agent.

  CLAVERINGS and FENWICKS   Northumberland,  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line

Who Muurdered Nurse Florence Nightingale Shore   My book project

GREY Northumberland  Laye/Airey/Barnes/Clavering/

CASHER      Family of Beryl Maud Gillman - A Casher did the research, and I am merely posting it for him.

GILPIN Northumberland  Northumberland,  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line 

FLORENCE  NIGHTINGALE:  SMITHS Her maternal side: For studying the Shores or Nightingale Studies  

BEDFORDE  BEDFORD   Durham, UK From Laye/Airey Line

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE: THE SHORE FAMILY  Norton Hall, Sheffield of Norton Hall. 

General Thomas Peard Dwyer  Detailed Career


 Lt. General Francis Laye     Major General Joseph Henry Laye I    Major General Joseph Henry Laye II    Detailed Careers

PRINCE Essex, Ontario   Tied to ways: GG Grandmother Emily Laye married John Prince, grandson of Col John Prince, and her dau, Mary Anne Dwyer married the Hon. Albert Prince, M.P- the son of Col. Prince. (Yes, that's right).


HON COLONEL JOHN PRINCE, M.P.  A character. Reputed to be illegitimate son of an actress and William IV, notorious for killing American prisoner's of war in the Battle of Windsor. Detroiters put a price on his head. Popular in Windsor.

LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME DWYER   Bertie won Grand National in 1887. "Bertie Dwyer, an English boy of 14  . . . did the fastest time of the race, the only rider to break the two minute barrier with 1 minute 58.6 seconds . . . [A] truly remarkable effort for any rider let alone a 14 year old" (23 The Cresta Run 1885-1985).


INSPECTOR WM BLENNERHASSETT DWYER   Detroit Police Inspector  Very incomplete  
KENNY  County Kerry, Ireland  Also, DWYER, TENT (BROWNE), COURTHROPE, HOARE DEAN PITT  Connected in two way. General J.H. Laye senior married Emelia Dean-Pitt, and Ensign George Sinclair Laye married Amy Selina Nugent, dau of Charlotte Marcia Dean-Pitt.
BUTTERFIELD / SIMPSON AND DUCKETT    LANCASHIRE and BOND E. P. Ramsay-Laye author/feminist pen name: Isobel Massary  4 books, articles, such as "Women and Careers" in Englishwoman Review, 9, (Apr 1878) p 96  -Arguing desirability of married women having careers.

Blennerhassett Kerry   From Dwyer/Hoare  Also  CONWAY, LYNNE, CRUMPE, O'CONNOR, HOARE, DWYER

LAYE Surname Study UK    For Genealogical Reference for all Layes



KEENAN Detroit/ Ontario  Sarah Keenan married my gg grandfather, St. Hugh Simpson Gerald Toulmin Dwyer in Detroit in 1895.

LETTERS OF MARY AIREY LAYE  Letters written by Lt. General Francis Laye's widow, pestering Lord Somerset, later Ragland, for an Ensignacy for her son. Letters to others, like Lord Hill and the Marchioness Winchester.
TOULMIN   London and LANCASHIRE, Mary Anne Toulmin Married to General Thomas Peard Dwyer 11 Apr 1839, Old Church, Saint Pancras, London    Includes: BECKETT, SIMPSON, DWYER, HARRISON, TALBOTT, DWYER CUNYNGHAME Photo Album
WALSH -Meath Ireland    Married to Laye Family Anne Maria Teresa WALSH married Emily Laye's father, Major Francis Fenwick Laye 28 Oct 1835 in Newbridge, Colpe Church County Meath, Ireland CUNYNGHAME Connection is on English branch of family. Captain Robert Hoare Dwyer married  Caroline Georgina Thurlow CUNYNGHAME
HOARE   Kerry  Cork   Connected by Robert Dwyer, father of General Thomas Peard Dwyer marrying Mary Hoare, 1744 Tralee, Kerry.   Also KENNY, DWYER, BLENNERHASSETT, BURNELL, GILPIN, NOTT, WOODCOCK, KELLEY RAMSAY Scot. Eng India   Connection is Major Francis Fenwick Laye married Elizabeth P Ramsay
OGLE Northumberland    Laye/Airey/Barnes/Clavering/Grey ASCENSION ISLAND Mini & partial hist of the RM commandants by Comm (General) T.P. Dwyer
PATERNAL ----  PASKIEWICZ   Plymouth PA/Vilna and Starynki, Russia (Старынкі ). DWYER Surname Study Detroit For Genealogical Reference for all Dwyers
PATERNAL ----  GRIZDIS   and many other spelling  Plymouth PA/Vilna  
PATERNAL---   MIKOLAYESKI  Plymouth PA/Russia/Poland PATERNAL ----  ZENKO   Plymouth PA/Vilna, Olita 
PATERNAL--   SINKIEWICZ or SINKCAVAGE Plymouth PA/Lithuania PATERNAL ---  RUZANTIS   Plymouth PA/Suwalki





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