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I Awoke

A Poem By LoriAnn

I wrote this poem
the day after I lost my father.
June 1st, 1997

Today I Awoke
To Find You Still Gone...
Today I Awoke
To The Words of A Song.

Today I Awoke
To All That I Hear...
Today I Awoke
To Find You Still Near.

For Yesterdays Are Not Gone...
And Tomorrows Will Follow The Night,
But The Memories I'll Treasure...
With Knowing Your Alright.

For Today I Truly Awoke
To Knowing That You Are
And Forever Will Be
"With Me"

Copyright İ 1997- "LoriAnn"

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It's Been 7 years and days since
we loss our loving Father and Friend

And still sadly missed by his Daughter, Family and Friends

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