The Legend Of 
Robin Hood

          There 'e is the most wanted man in England!

'Ello one and all. Allows me to introduce me self. My name is William Scarlet Esq. (Bet you thought I wus goin' to say O'ara. ::Wink::) 
There I am, Ain't I a cute bugger?
Me friends call me Will. I was told. ((poke)) Uh, ordered ((Jab)) I WAS VOLUNTEERED! To tells you all about the Legend of Robin 'ood. 
Now where to begin? I guess at the beginin' (chuckle) 
           This 'ear is the story of me best friend and Pal Robin 'ood. Now one asks just 'ow did 'e  become an outlaw? Well let me tells you, it were not of 'is choice. It all begans when Robin were just a lad of Seventeen. Son of a nobleman 'e wus known as Robert of Locksley, I 'ears tell that Robin's Pa forced 'im to wears 'is 'air in a certain way, said it would makes a man out of 'im.. Rob said it was ether that or names 'im Sue.  (Small giggle) 
          {{{{{Poke}}}}}} Get on with it!
            Alright!! I'm gettin', I'm gettin'!
           Now then wheres wus I? Robins 'air, if you  'aven't seen it then take a looks see! But I warns you, its not for the weak!

Whew! For those of you who didn't go, count your blessin's, Now then, on with the story. 
 Poor Robins dad were killed right before 'is eyes. 'Is land taken froms 'im, 'e were forced to flee into the forest. Where 'e met an ancient wizard Known as Olwyn. "e were trained by the great Merlin 'imself! Over Five 'undred years old, and don't look a day over two 'undred! (snicker)
          Now I 'ave met with this wizard and I can tells you. 'E just rubs me the wrong way. I don't know, can't put me thumb on it, but I 'eard rumors that in 'is younger days 'e 'ung around a bad crowd. From some place called Trans-syl-vein-eat-ah. 'Eard they were real bloodsuckers, dont' know if this is true. But 'is old girlfriend Mortiana, is white as a ghost! Makes a man wonder if you knows wot I means." (Knowing Wink!) So's I keep me distance, sometimes me lucky star is not always lookin' afters me! 
           So anyways, with no 'ome to calls 'is own, Robin were forced to live with the poor. Ashamed of 'is 'air he covered 'imself with a 'ood.  It were then the Legend of Robin 'ood were born. "Uproarious laughter!" 
          {{{{{jab}}}}}Tell the truth Will!
          "Whirling around." You pokes me with that staff one more times, and someones goin' to find a snake in 'is boot! "Straightening out tunic" 
          I guess I 'ave to introduce you to someones. "Jabbing finger" This 'ere is a dear friend o' mine. Also a man that is as close to Robin as a brother would be. 'Is name is John Little, but 'es a big bugger, so's we all calls 'im Little John. Robins Lieutenant of our small army. Takes a bow Little John.
           "Planting his staff, the tall blonde takes a deep bow." Hello.
           There you goes Little John, nice an polite. Now quit with your jabbin' and lets me get on with the story!
           Now then, where wus I? 
           Robin 'ood were forced to lives in the forest, with no family to  calls 'is own we kind of took 'im under our wing. It were then 'e took up the battle to 'elp the poor, being poor 'imself now. We then made Robin our leader, Little John 'ere is as close to Robin as any man alive. 
          (Cupping hand to mouth) Confidentially, 'e may look like a big lummox, but don't let that fool you. There ain't no man in England I would trust more with me life than Little John, that is other than Robin 'ood. Little John is just abouts the smartest and gentlest man I know. But don't let 'im know I tolds you this. I 'aves a reputation to up 'olds!

         Now we comes to someone that is very dear to all of us. Robins true love. Marion Fitzwalter. 
There she is isn't she a beauty. But I 'ave to tells you, the woman is a mystery to me. Why the first times I met Marion she were a real scrapper. Going out into the woods dressed all in leather. Fighting right alongside Robin, without a care for 'erself. Funny thin' tho, back then Marion used to cooks alot, but no one ate wot she cooked. Least ways not and live to tell abouts it. (chuckle) I tells you once  I saw 'er wearin' squirrel tails I stopped eatin'  'er stews. And she were wicked with that whip! (Rubbing backside) Believe me, I knows. If you ever meets up with 'er don't mention stews and Squirrels!! 

            Now comes the strange parts,  it seems that after Robin 'ad a nasty bout with a demon found in Nightmares Castle Marion seemed to change, I means it was slow like. She still wore the leather, for which most of us outlaws were thankful! But then, oh I don't know you tell me. This is 'ow she looks now. See wot I means. But I seems to be the only ones to notice the change. No one else mentions it. Not even Robin 'ood 'imself. Shes still a scrapper, believe you me. And she fills a dress better in any outlaw in camp. (Sly wink) But she is a bit different, I think its because this Marion seemed to be more  don't know 'ow to put it gently. She seems to 'ave the 'ots for Robin. (Snickering) 
              ::::::::::::VERY HARD JAB IN BACK::::::::::::: Ooof! (Whirling around, jabbing finger in chest!) 
           You keeps poking me in the back with that staff and I'll tells them why we really calls you Little John!
          {Straightening out tunic} I'll shows 'im you don't mess with Mrs. Scarlets Little Boy!

             Anyways, Marion is and will always be Robins true love.
          Tell them how much she gave up a  to live with Robin!
           Oh Yeah, poor Marion, gave up living in a cold drafty castle to live in the forest with a young, 'andsome outlaw and all 'is outlaw friends. (Sarcastic Laughter) Course she could 'ave done betters if she 'ooked up with me. I thinks I'm much better lookin' than Robin, wot do you think?
          (Ducking) Ha! You missed me!

            Now then let me gets on with the story. The next person I would like to introduce you to is another dear friend of mine, Friar Tuck. I thinks the good friar gave up about as much as any man 'ere in the camp. 'Es a good man, Michael is. Just about the nicest man you ever met. But don't get 'im riled. 'e can 'old 'imself up against the best of them. And 'e's just about the smartest man I know. Learned a lot in the monastery, a great 'ealer, 'e knows 'ow to 'eal most wounds. And most importantly knows when to 'old his tongue when I goes to 'im for 'elp  after gettin' into it with a jealous 'usband. Yep, Friar Tuck is me third best friend. But wot I like the most of our good friar is 'is cooking. You can tells 'es a man that does enjoy eatin' . But don't get 'im wrong! When in a fix, 'es the man that we know we can turn to when all is lost. 'Is faith in God and our cause is the strongest of anyone in camp.
           Now look, I've gone and gotten serious! Guess its Little John  rubbin' off on me. 

         I am almost done with me story, just 'ave one mores man to introduce, someones thats new to the outlaws. 'is name is Kemal. Come from a land far to the south. 'es a Silent man, but WATCH OUT! 'e sure do pack a wallop! "e stays to 'elp us because his princess disappeared on 'im. We 'ave tried to find 'er. So whiles 'es 'ere 'e 'elps us in our cause. Why I remembers the time 'e 'elped Robin search for the captured Queen Eleanor. Caught up with a group of Amazons 'e were.  But with Kemals 'elp they were ables to rescue our Queen. Yep, the man turned out to be a true outlaw!

        But we now come to the end of me tale of the Outlaws of Sherwood. Sure liked talkin' to you. Per'aps I'll be back again to tells you of the villains of our fair land. Believe you me, their are plenty. But fo' now, (taking a deep bow) 
        Me and me big friend 'ere bid you all a good day. Watch out fo' those tax collectors. I 'ere tell they are still a nasty bunch. And keep the faith, Robin will always be 'ere when 'e is needed. For 'e fights a just cause, that we all believe in. Somethin' that I think will live on for years to come. Until then Take Aim and let fly! 

PS Quarter staffs make great kindling! (Snatching quarterstaff and running away!) 
Will!!! Come back here with my quarter staff!!!
(Panting out) See you all next time!

Cast of Characters
Robin Hood...........................Matthew Porretta
Will Scarlet............................Matthew Porretta
Olwyn........................................Christopher Lee
Little John.................................Richard Ashton
Marion1..........................................Anna Galvin
Marion2.....................................Barbara Griffin
Friar Tuck.......................................Martyn Ellis
Kemal...........................................Hakim Alston

Hope you enjoyed what I have written. Its just a peek into the world of
Robin Hood. If you like then let me know I would love to hear from you.


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Sees Wot I means! {{Shudder}}
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