Boy Names

Note: names are not 100% accurate. The purpose of this name list is to give you a close Elvish translation of your name, without being long, unpronouncable, or "non-Elvish-sounding". Changes to original name translation are noted where possible (in the form of "lit. '[literal translation]'"). A small number of English names are Elvish words themselves; translations for those Elvish words are given in the form of "tr. Elv.". For boys' names, I have added the masculine suffixes "ion", "ien", "ian", "dur", etc. to most of them. "Ion" can mean "Son of", but it is not used that way in this name list. I have not copied Ardalambion's name database at all, and have only used Council of Elrond's name database for the English translations of a few names (not the Elvish ones).

this is what I have down so far, the rest will be up shortly :)

Aaron- Light- Calanon- (Kahl-ah-non)

Abduallah- Servant of God- Erumollien- (Air-oo-mole-ee-ehn)

Adam- Man- Adan- (Ah-dahn)

Addison- Son of Adam- Adanion- (Ahd-ahn-ee-on)

Adrian- Dark one- Dûrion- (Doo-ree-on)

Adrien See Adrian

Aidan- Fiery- Urúvion- (Oo-roo-vee-on)

Alan- Handsome- Beinion- (Bay-nee-on)

Alastor See Alexander

Albus- White- Glandur- (Glahn-dur)

Alec See Alexander

Alex See Alexander

Alexander- Defender of men- Beriadan- (Bear-ee-ah-dahn)

Alfie- Wise- Idhrenion- (Eeth-rehn-ee-on)

Allen See Alan

Almog- Coral- Aerdirnaithon (lit. "sea formation")-- (Ire-deer-nye-thonn)

Alvin- Light-skinned- Glanhelmion- (Glahn-helm-ee-on)

Andre See Andrew

Andrew- Manly- Suiadan- (Soo-ee-ah-dahn)

Andy See Andrew

Angelo- Angel- Ainion- (Eye-nee-on)

Anthony- Worthy of praise- Valdaglerion- (Vahl-dah-glare-ee-on)

Anton See Anthony

Armand- Of the army- Daugion (lit. "of the soldiers")-- (Dowg-ee-on)

Arno See Arnold

Arnold- Power of an eagle-- Thorontur- (Thore-on-toor)

Art- A rock- Gondien- (Gone-dee-ehn)

Arthur- Noble strength- Arbellason- (Are-behl-lah-son)

Ash- From the ash tree- Lithônion- (Leeth-on-ee-on)

Asher- Blessed- Alyan- (Ahl-yahn)

Ashton- Town of ash trees- Lithaldoren- (Leeth-ahl-dore-ehn)

Aurelius- Fair-haired - Vanafindon- (Vahn-ah-finn-donn)

Austin- August- Rimedur- (Ree-may-dur)

Bailey- Steward - Arandur- (Are-ahn-dur)

Barrie See Barry

Barry- Fair-haired - Maidhfinden- (Mythe-fin-dehn)

Ben See Benjamin

Benjamin- Son of the right hand -- Máfortion- (Mah-fore-tee-on)

Bernard- Bold bear - Veryamorcon- (Vare-yah-more-ton)

Bevin- Man with a sweet song -- Laermeluion- (Lyre-mehl-wee-on)

Bijan- Hero- Thalion- (Thahl-ee-on)

Billy See William

Bjarne- Bear- Morcion- (More-kee-on)

Blake- Pale- Maidhion- (My-thee-on)

Bob See Robert

Brad- Broad meadow- Lairelandon- (Lye-ray-lahn-donn)

Braden- Broad- Landion- (Lahn-dee-on)

Bradford- Broad ford - Landathradon- (Lahnd-ahth-rahd-onn)

Brandon- Sword- Megildur- (Meh-geel-dur)

Brendan See Brandon

Brent- Steep hill- Baradhamon- (Bar-ah-thah-mon)

Brett- British- Nimtolien (lit. "from the white island")-- (Nimm-tole-ee-ehn)

Brian- Strong - Beleg- (Beh-leg)

Broderick- From the broad ridge-- Ceberlandon- (Keh-bear-lahn-done)

Bruce- Woods- Tawarthion- (Tah-wahr-thee-on)

Bryce- Son of a nobleman - Arphenion- (Are-fehn-ee-on)

Bryceson- Quick-moving- Rincavornon- (Rinn-kah-vore-non)

Burt See Robert

Byron- Cottage - Nibencarden (lit. "small house")-- (Nee-behn-kahr-dehn)

Caleb- Faithful - Voronwë- (Vore-on-way)

Callum- Dove- Cugedhion- (Koo-geh-thee-on)

Calvin- Bald- Rûdhon- (Roo-thon)

Cameron- Bent nose- Raegbund- (Ryge-bund [hard G])

Carl See Charles

Carlos See Charles

Carey- Pure- Manwë- (Mahn-way)

Casey- Brave- Veryan- (Vare-yahn)

Caspar See Casper

Casper- Royal - Arthion- (Are-thee-on)

Cecil- Blind - Útíradien (lit. "not seeing"-- (Oo-tear-ahd-ee-ehn)

Cedric- Chief- Hérion- (Hair-ee-on)

Chad- Warlike- Suiauthon- (Soo-ee-ow-thonn)

Chaitoo- Catlike unity? - Miuverthon- (Mee-oo-vare-thonn)

Charles- Manly - Suiadan- (Soo-ee-ah-dahn)

Chase See Hunter

Christian- Follower of the Son of God-- Aphaderuiondur-- (Ah-fahd-air-oo-ee-on-dur)

Christopher- Follower of God- Eruaphadion- (Air-oo-ah-fahd-ee-on)

Ciaran- Black-haired- Mornefindon-- (More-nay-finn-donn)

Clarence- Bright- Rilien (lit. "brilliant")-- (Rill-ee-ehn)

Clark- Learned- Istuion- (Is-too-ee-on)

Claude- Lame - Úpadion (lit. "not walking")-- (Oo-pahd-ee-on)

Clayton- Town on clay site -- Dornornoston (lit. "town on hard site")-- (Dore-nore-nost-on)

Cleveland- Land of high cliffs- Taurhassdorien- (Towr-ahs-dore-ee-ehn)

Cliff- From a steep cliff- Rhassbaradhon- (Rahs-bar-ah-thonn)

Clint- Hill-town- Amonost- (Ah-monn-ost)

Clive- Cliff dweller- Rhassdorthion-- (Rahs-dore-thee-on)

Cody- Cushion- Nedhudir- (Neth-oo-dear)

Colby- Dark-haired- Morfindien- (More-fin-dee-ehn)

Cole See Nicholas

Colin- Child- Sellion- (Sell-ee-on)

Connor- Strong-willed-- Melcindómien-- (Mehl-kin-doe-mee-ehn)

Conrad- Bold counsel- Veryangóle (lit. "bold learning")-- (Vare-yahn-goal-ay)

Corey- Ravine- Rissien- (Riss-ee-ehn)

Craig- From the crag- Aeglironion (lit. "from the mountain")-- (Eye-gleer-ohn-ee-on)

Curtis- Courteous - Rainion (lit. "gracious")-- (Rye-nee-on)

Cyril- Lordly- Vehiron- (Vay-heer-on)

Dakota- Friend- Meldiron- (Mehl-dear-on)

Dallas- Wise - Saeldur- (Sile-dur)

Damon- Loyal - Sadron (lit. "faithful")-- (Sahd-ronn)

Daniel- God is my judge- Erubadhron- (Air-oo-bah-thronn)

Daran- Little great one- Tithdaeron- (Teeth-dire-on)

Darius- Wise ruler- Caunidhrenon- (Kown-ee-threhn-on)

David- Beloved- Meldarion- (Mehl-dar-ee-on)

Davis- Son of David- Meldariondwë-- (Mehl-dar-ee-ond-way)

Deacon- Pastor- Emerion (lit. "shepherd")-- (Ehm-air-ee-on)