Gianavello's Homestead

(La Gianavella)

The place which is now known as "la Gianavella" was once called Liorato. This is the home of Giosuè Gianavello. Giosuè Gianavello was born there in 1617 and lived here in peace with his family until 1655, when he was forced to defend his life and the life of his family because of the persecutions originated by the Duke of Savoy against the Waldensians. In those times he often had to hide himself and he also dug a refuge in his own house. The desperate defence allowed the Waldensians to keep on living in their Valleys.

But he was forced to go into exile in Switzerland and had to leave his house which was sold and changed hands many times until the beginning of the last century, when the Tavola Valdese bought the part with the refuge. Finally, in 1962 it also bought the other buildings and the land surrounding them, in order to create a place where young people from all over the world could meet. Firstly, they renovated the chicken with the refectory and two bedrooms. Now we start again with the plan to complete the work.

The lower 'historic' house

The upper house, Gianavello's birthplace

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