Le Rocciaglie

The rock formation from an English cut, 19th century

from ALLE PORTE D'ITALIA, a book by the famous italian writer Edmondo De Amicis (1884)

The Waldensian Thermopylae: le Rocciaglie

«...Set out as it is, the Rocciaglie truly is terrifyingly majestic.

Huge masses of rock plunge right down to the waters at the floor of the valley, almost cutting off one's passage. Here and there boulders, lying about, have fallen from the heights; others, grotesquely imbedded on the inclines, threaten the pathway below. ...

The raging stream, on a steep course, is just filled with white sprays of water over the rocks in its path, as though it were a colossal hailstorm from Mt. Roux.

The mountain, seemingly impassable, a hurricane of rock formations and slides, is sheer menace, with slopes that admit to no passage except by the most hardened climbers. ...

Of all the Angrogna Valley, this is the most severe corner. The pathway becomes more and more limiting , while the opposing mountain slopes meet virtually in the cascading torrent below. Yes, this is the gate to Pra del Torno.

Spanning the torrent: a small arched bridge. Nearby, elevated, on one side, was a built-up store of rocks which, in event of a threatened assault, would be dislodged by the Waldensians, so that no one could pass over. Thus was the narrows fortified. ...»

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