from ALLE PORTE D'ITALIA, a book by the famous italian writer Edmondo De Amicis (1884)

The Waldensian Thermopylae:The Toumpi Saquèt

«...Moving ahead, past a beautiful cascade, called Gog nie, you can see deep pools carved out by the waters. Called tompi by the locals, they are quiet, clear waters, several meters deep, so tranquil as to be able to reflect a flower in its depths. They seem like tubs crafted for giants, each with its own name, many with tales of folklore.

One of the deepest of the pools, Tompi Saquet, is so called because a leader in De Capitaneis' army, Saquet of Polonghera, drowned there in 1488, shortly after the Waldensians in the Angrogna Valley had sworn to take the lives of persecutors that would fall into their hands. ...»

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