Harrington Connection

Nestled in a sleepy valley among the glacier- generated moraine hills of south-western Ontario, this picturesque hamlet has been home to a small but thriving farming community since its inception around 1850. When the first United Empire Loyalists ( mainly Scottish origin)  arrived in the region, they quickly cleared the flatter surrounding lands to cultivate their grain crops, but wisely left natural wetland zones and stands of Carolinian forests where they could enjoy fishing and hunting and other recreational activities along the tributaries of the Upper Thames River. 



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Today, these remnants of  a once bustling community  are left to remind visitors of the tenacity of its habitants who strived to establish a self-sufficient society here and dreamed of a promising future:

 Harrington schoolhouse

Harrington Creek: Threatened Ecological Gem 

Harrington Pond and  Conservation Area  

Grist Mill

Knox Presbyterian Church  

Broadview United Church now home of the  Harrington Public Library