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Opening Your Super Soaker

Sometimes it is necessary to open your soaker to do repairs, modifications, etc., but it is also very interesting to see whats inside your soaker. One of the most important things is to be gentle with your soaker and be careful when using sharp objects!

1. Unscrew all the screws holding the soaker together, and put them on something on the general shape of the soaker, so that you will know which screw goes where when you're done. (look around the pumps and nozzles. some may be hiding there). Make sure to use a screw driver that fits into the hole.

2. Take some pliers and grasp the pump cap firmly, twisting it (if it's square dont bend anything) until the glue gives way and the pump cap pops off (if that didn't work see the bottom for alternate solutions).

3. If the nozzle is glued on... you're going to have some trouble (if not you should be able to pull the casing apart at this point). Try screwing it off first. If that doesn't work, get out a hack saw or xacto knife (this will take MUCH longer) and cut around one side base of the nozzle (just the peice that's not coming apart). DO NOT LET THE HACK SAW/KNIFE TOUCH THE INTERNAL TUBING!!!

4. Pull the casing apart (don't force it)


Alternate step 2:
There is an off chance that the cap may just be screwed on (some CPS 2100's I believe), so try unscrewing it.
If nothing else works, you'll just have to cut it off (don't cut the pump though...).

Casing does not come apart:
There is most likely some part of the soaker still stuck together. Look for any screws you have missed and make sure nothing else is glued together. If you can't find anything, there is probobly an internal screw in the soaker, in which case the only solution is to pull the two sides apart.